Reviews Tinedol

  • Hana
    I started to walk to the pool, and after a few weeks he felt the itching between the fingers. With time it spread on the foot, and everything has added fragrance. Medical education is not needed to understand that it is a fungus. I remembered that the day before saw a review on cream tinedolso decided to try. The confront also, the symptoms went very quickly, and most importantly the re-infection did not occur, despite the fact that the water aerobics class I does not leave. Therefore I advise to all to try tinedol!
  • Jan
    I don't know if he was able to pick up these things, but athlete's foot is caused me lot of inconvenience. From the legs and shoes came a terrible smell, despite the fact that I have good hygiene. Go to the doctor I was embarrassed, so I decided to self medicate. Buy one ointment after another. Some have removed the itching and smell, but only for some time, and some weakened symptoms, and then only at the time of use. I understand that this cannot go on, when I noticed that the skin is covered with small ulcers. The doctor advised me cream tinedoland this is the only solution. The fungus has not returned for the third month, so I recommend to all!
  • Alena
    Daughter came from camp, and began to complain of itching feet. Without further ado, we went to the doctor. It turned out that the fungus. The doctor suggested a cream Tinedol and it is said that despite the fact that it is totally safe composition, it is very effective. A few times I applied the cream, and the third daughter has refused to be treated as if nothing bothered, but of course still, we finished. In a few weeks I felt myself caught, she decided that the doctor will not go and the appointment of Tinedolalso it is perfect!
  • Jaroslav
    I've long thought that the smell from the shoes is a natural. But when they began to appear cracks, and nail plate becomes thicker, I knew it was time to see a specialist. I was prescribed a course of special pills and cream tinedol. The result was not long in coming – now live without shame for the "stink" on your feet.
  • Marie
    Husband got a fungus, but the doctor, of course, to drive it was impossible (there are powerless any arguments), so I decided to look on the forums, that people help. All highly praised Tinedolso I decided to do this. I don't know how they would do another drug, but this one is the symptoms very quickly, and iterations after using the cream my husband was not. Therefore, I recommend to all!
Reviews Tinedol