Instructions for use Tinedol

How to use yeast infection cream Tinedol

Features of application of the cream Tinedol

If you decide to make a cure for fungal infections Tinedolthen get a handy tube complete with instructions for the use of the cream. Practice shows that those people who complain about the inefficiency of the cream, violate the manufacturer's recommendations. If you read the instructions carefully and regularly use the tool, which will help to quickly and effectively treat athlete's foot. Consider the most important recommendations for the use of the creams:

  • The product is applied to dry, before wash areas of the skin two times a day.
  • Before applying the cream, it is important to dry feet.
  • RUB cosmetic, you need only a few minutes, until completely absorbed into the skin. It is necessary that irrespective of massage movements.
  • Rinse the cream strongly discouraged – the only way to ensure the maximum effectiveness of its actions.
  • You need to frequently change your socks, stockings, socks and other textiles, which are in the vicinity of the leg – so you eliminate the risk of new infections and can quickly fight off the fungus.
  • The average duration of treatment is 4-5 weeks. This time is enough to get rid of unpleasant symptoms and eliminate the causes of disease.
  • The tool has a soft and gradual effect, but at the same time provides strong and long lasting results.

Because fungus cream Tinedol developed based on herbal ingredients, its use is not contra-indications (except individual intolerance of any components) and carries no side effects. Cream Tinedol it is easy to use at home because such use does not require medical supervision.