Experience with the use of Tinedol

This story happened with Michelle and her husband Orlando who live in Bordeaux (France). The girl told me about a yeast infection cream Tinedol and how the drug has helped all of her family.

Experience with the use of Tinedol

Problems with the fungal infection my husband had started 2 years ago. I started to notice that as soon as the husband comes home from work, he ran, running into the bathroom to wash his feet, but not sit down to dinner in the first place). Initially I didn't pay a lot of attention and then decided to ask what happened. It turned out, he began to smell feet, was attended by itching. Until I persuaded him to see a doctor, she began to notice that the legs, such as burning and unpleasant odors.

As we spend a lot of time and effort going to doctors

In General, it is the dermatologist that we went together. The doctor that we visited and made the necessary tests. In the end it turned out that we both have the fungus. Doctors prescribed treatment (ointment and pills), of course we were through, the hygiene was monitored, and 2 weeks later came the relief. We were very happy, but our joy did not last long. A month later, we again felt the familiar symptoms.

This time chose the paid specialist, who told us that it is necessary that it is handled with a special solution for all the shoes and things, that they contact the infected foot. It was only a nightmare. Shoes are nothing, but the whole house, bathroom, bedding handle was not easy, but something has to throw out or replace. At the same time, the doctor offered us to drink stimulants of the immune system to prevent re-infection. But it took another 2 months, and all again repeated. In General, we have changed three doctors, spent a lot of money on new courses of treatment and processing of flat, but that did not have any.

Tinedol a simple solution for a serious problem

When we had a meeting to see yet another dermatologist, he advised us to try the cream Tinedoland this has become a real salvation. Honestly, I hope that the special we were running, but when a month has passed, then the second and then a third, and the fungus never came back, we were happy. Now I suggest, that creams to all of my friends.

By the way, when we had a unique case. My friend refused to come to my house for a birthday and didn't want to know why. We already almost had a fight, because I thought it was disrespectful – so many years of friendship, and then suddenly there is this insulting refusal. In General, resentment and manipulation, I still got the truth. She was also in the pool had a fungal infection, and therefore hesitated to come for a visit. This is not surprising, because it is only at first glance, the fungus of the foot, seems like a pretty minor problem, but in fact, the disease imposes certain restrictions. That's like someone in the guests to remove there shoes and delivery to the other of the inconveniences and the smell of feet. Plus you can infect family members.

I advised a friend of cream Tinedoland she is just serenaded him singing. When you feel itching, sometimes unbearable, and sometimes even interfere with sleep, and after the first use of this cream comes such relief. Friend for the prophylaxis offered the course, and the young man, who still live in the same apartment. And he also realized that the unpleasant smell, not the norm, and chronic fungal infection.

By the way, after one year of use Tinedol I have not treated the whole house just to keep my husband and the basic rules of hygiene and re-infection did not occur. Therefore, I advise all to not waste their hard earned finances on useless courses of treatment by doctors, many expensive tests and just buy Tinedol – after 2 weeks you can forget about a fungal infection, as about a bad dream.