How to treat toe nail fungus vinegar — popular recipes

The treatment of nail fungus vinegar is still the most popular folk remedy to deal with infection in the early stages.

Every housewife in the kitchen is a bottle with a table or apple cider vinegar. This versatile product is used for cooking, canning fruit, use for commercial purposes and in many folk recipes.

Acetic acid is a strong disinfectant and antibacterial properties, this is why since ancient times it was used for hygienic and medicinal purposes.

Cider vinegar nail fungus: its characteristics and types

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Vinegar is produced by microbiological synthesis from the raw material which contains alcohol. Acetic acid is a clear, colourless liquid, with a strong sour taste and characteristic odor. A useful feature of the product — the ability to kill germs and disinfect a variety of surfaces are widely used for medical purposes.

Vinegar can be both natural and synthetic. Acetic acid synthetic origin used in the home for cleaning and disinfecting a variety of surfaces. For sale artificial product comes in the form of acid (6 — 9 %). If you want to add a means of acidification, preservation or spread an interesting flavor, it is diluted to 4% concentration.

Natural vinegar consists of complex acids (acetic acid, malic acid, citric acid), esters, alcohols and aldehydes. It is made from fruits, herbs, grain. There are the following natural products:

  • Wine. Produced by fermentation of wines (white and red). Used in cooking as a marinade, as a variety of sauces;
  • Apple. Made from apple cider. Used in cooking, cosmetics and medicinal purposes. The use of different diets. As for the taste, it is gentle, pleasant, slightly sour smell;
  • Rice. A softer variety of woody notes, with a flavor reminiscent of balsamic. There are several varieties: clear, red, black, spices. In cooking, added to salads, diluted with water;
  • Balsamic. The road category, which is based on grape must. Matured in oak barrels. Widely used as an additive to many dishes of Mediterranean cuisine;
  • Cane. Product an interesting flavor from the sugar cane, by the fermentation of the syrup;
  • Malt. The core of the product — beer wort. The liquid has a pleasant, fruity taste.

All natural varieties of vinegar can be used to treat skin diseases and onikhomikoz. The treatment of the affected nails often used vinegar, ordinary table or apple cider vinegar.

How to recognize the disease?

Get onikhomikoz (nail fungus). Contrary to the most elementary rules of personal hygiene greatly increases the risk of infection. Walk barefoot on the floor, shared shower or use other people's Slippers, a towel and the spores of the fungus appear on the skin, and then penetrate the nail plate, where they begin their destructive activities.

The first signs of infection of the fungus is peeling skin between the toes, burning sensation and itching. Soon is first disturbed by changes in the nail plate. It will change color, tarnish, yellowing, it shows the characteristic spots and streaks.

In the absence of timely treatment the nail to deform, delaminate, separated from the nail bed, begin to crumble. The nail wall is inflamed, the surrounding skin becomes red and painful. Far onikhomikoz means complete loss of the nail and the body poisoning and malfunction of the immune system.

The treatment of fungus you need in a timely manner, the first warning signs. Early stages of the disease respond well to treatment with simultaneous use of folk methods, and external factors (lotions, creams and solutions). Fungal microflora ability to proliferate in an acidic environment, which is why vinegar is so popular. Learn more about the unique properties of the product and to figure out how to deal with nail fungus with vinegar.

How vinegar helps against fungus?

Fungal diseases boards is contagious nature, and difficult to treat. There are a variety of medical treatment options.

But, the problem can be solved at home using vinegar against nail fungus. This simple and inexpensive tool, when applied correctly will give impressive results.

How to make vinegar on the affected areas? Treatment, you can use any of the product, which is used in cooking. In addition, you can take mainly concentrated vinegar, but it must be treated with extreme caution and dilute in the right ratio, otherwise you can cause burns.

Acetic acid has a strong antimicrobial and antiseptic action and is able to cope with different infections. Active substances in its composition destroy the spores quickly to stop their spread, and ultimately lead to the destruction of pathogenic micro-organisms.

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Significant effect gives the vinegar against nail fungus foot, when you use the following techniques:

  • pack;
  • baths;
  • creams;
  • cream.

Having made the decision to get rid of mold in the home, people's means should refuse the drugs recommended by your doctor. Application of integrated treatment does not give the desired efficiency and helps to get rid of this unpleasant disease.

Operating instructions

To get the desired result, you need to correctly calculate the proportions of the therapeutic agent. You can read forums on the Internet about the treatment of nail fungus and stop it with vinegar, and to find a solution, what concentration is better to use.

At the beginning of home treatments to try to acetic acid at low concentrations (5-15%).

Before during treatment, the affected nails need to be warmed up, make a hot foot bath. This helps to soften the upper coarse layers, and then take them off. The procedure you use only individual manicure set.

During treatment, pay attention to the condition of the skin around the affected nail. If you notice cracks, cuts, sores, redness must be careful. Acid can cause burns and subsequent tissue inflammation. Therefore, when handling avoid contact with concentrated formulations of the surrounding skin. It can lubricate any fat cream, it will prevent irritation.

To prevent the spread of infection and protect against re-infection carefully observe good personal hygiene, disinfect shoes, bed linen, daily change of socks and wash things thoroughly.

Popular recipes based on vinegar

A concentrated solution of acetic acid gives the best results to get rid of the fungus than that of conventional food. There is good recipes.

Gadgets. Try the following mixture:

  • take the white of an egg, or glycerol;
  • mix with the acid;
  • set the affected area with a bandage or light fabric.

This option has a bactericidal effect on the affected area. As soon as it is obvious that growing a new nail, the procedure should be stopped.

Baths. Do acetic acid baths:

  • take a glass of acid;
  • diluted with water (room temperature);
  • warm feet in this solution for 20 minutes.

This comfortable and pleasant way, it gives good results. The procedure is best done before bedtime, three to four times a week.

Cream. The following method — prepare a homemade cream.

Option 1.

  • pour in the fresh chicken egg in vinegar (100 gr.);
  • wait for the complete dissolution of the shell;
  • remove the remaining film;
  • add 200 grams of melted butter;
  • mix;
  • the resulting mixture is applied to the heated leg;
  • top cover with polyethylene;
  • keep for a long time (8 hours).

Option 2.

  • take 1-hour.l. solution dimetilftalata (pharmaceutical anti-fungal agent);
  • combine 1 tablespoon vegetable oil;
  • add a raw egg (1pc);
  • pour 2 tablespoons of vinegar (70%).

Homemade cream applied to the affected nails, put your feet in plastic bags and woolen socks and leave the makeup at night. The greenhouse effect, which is created inside, it promotes the penetration of active ingredients into the nail plate and to accelerate the destruction of the fungus.

Treatment solution. Can at home to prepare for the anti-fungal solution:

  • concentrated essence (70%);
  • 2 tablespoons of vodka;
  • 3 egg whites;
  • all mix thoroughly;
  • before going to bed putting a cloth soaked with a mixture of the bandage to the affected area;
  • to keep a maximum of 15 minutes.

The prepared mixture can be stored in the refrigerator and use as needed. The procedure is done daily, as long as affected with fungal nail does not come down and in its place will grow a healthy nail plate. Treatment is long and lasts 6-12 months.

The use of apple cider vinegar

The treatment of nail fungus, the Apple cider vinegar gives very good results. Especially if it is used together with iodine, which is also an excellent antiseptic. A tool based on them must be able to stop the infection and restore the nail structure, even at an advanced stage of the disease. Make the house a composition for daily treatment of the affected nails.

Apple cider vinegar and iodine

  • a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar;
  • tablespoon of iodine;
  • the components are mixed;
  • apply the mixture on the infected nail for half a year (morning and evening).

Packed Apple cider vinegar:

  • 2 tablespoons of vinegar;
  • 2 tablespoon vegetable oil;
  • Connecting the components;
  • soak the bandage;
  • apply to the affected nail;
  • fix plaster, leave overnight.

The procedure is repeated until the complete restoration of the nail plate.

Apple cider vinegar and celandine

This recipe is used to treat advanced onikhomikoz.

  • pharmacy dry celandine (pack);
  • a liter of vinegar (9 %);
  • celandine grind and pour the vinegar;
  • requires the solution of the month;
  • before use, strain, add 5 tbsp. salt;
  • before going to bed to keep your feet in the bath mixture;
  • after the session the legs do not wipe, let dry naturally.

In order to achieve quick results you can run the procedure two times a day.

Important: the treatment of nail fungus remedies based on vinegar can cause unpleasant sensations (burning, stinging, redness). This is a normal reaction, which should not be afraid. He suggests that the medical staff begins to work against the fungus.

That the disease has not returned

Any disease is easier to prevent than to long and hard to treat. This statement is especially true for fungal infections. Treatment onikhomikoz in the long term and requires perseverance and patience. Interrupted treatment can do procedures until, until you grow new, healthy nail. And after treatment to calm down it is not necessary, in the future, it is necessary to observe preventive measures to avoid recurrence:

  • to monitor the overall health of the body. A weakened immune system is the cause of many diseases;
  • don't forget to take spa, sauna, beach shoes. Remember that the fungus increases in moist and warm environment;
  • avoid walking barefoot in crowded places, and the guests do not wear other people's Slippers
  • buy shoes for different weather. Care and treatment without dirt. Do not wear wet footwear;
  • try not to be sick. Live a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits. Remember that the fungus is particularly active, if the immune system is weakened.

These rules are quite simple, and the benefits are obvious. At the first signs of fungal diseases, consult a specialist for diagnosis and treatment. The sooner you start to fight the infection, the faster you can get rid of the disease.