The treatment of nail fungus

The treatment of nail fungus

The modern person every day, at the risk of getting onychomycosis, the nail fungus on your feet or in your hands. How to get rid of the disease? What are the home and folk remedies are effective?

Types of nail fungus

The fungus commonly affects the base due to the continued illness of the body. The nail turns to yellow, to green, to blue, and sometimes black. In some cases, onychomycosis is seen only in patches. The right treatment eliminates nail fungus in a month or two.

Dermatophytes. The nail, covered in yellow spots or streaks on the hands a shade lighter. The yellow edge may be moved. As the infection progresses, the yellow to the middle. In the absence of any treatment of fungus of the nail plate is completely yellow.

The yeast fungi. The nail is uneven, in the waves and furrows, becoming yellowish or brownish, according to the left behind. At the beginning of the defeat of the nail of the cylinder, with suppuration, and it is thick.

Prevention of nail fungus

The causative agent of onychomycosis, it is extremely persistent. Fungal spores are not killed at temperatures of up to +100C, withstand frost to-60C, to spend household chemicals for disinfection.

You can become infected in the locker room of the fitness club or swimming pool, the room, the nail salon, at the beach.

About a third of the cases, the infection occurs in suffer from onychomycosis, relatives and with the use of common household items – shoes, a towel, a washcloth, etc.

The simple rules of which prevent the spores of the fungus of the nails:

  • on the beach, a walk in the Slippers;
  • the pool area and into the dressing room to wear closed in Shoes;
  • do not use any of the shoes;
  • thoroughly dry the wet shoes;
  • you don't wear shoes in which moisture is still visible;
  • do not use organic solvents in the porous Mat;
  • each day, a change of socks;
  • after water treatment wipe off your feet, especially between toes, to prevent and treat with an antifungal cream or powder form;
  • promptly treat cuts and abrasions;
  • the use of a single delivery for a pedicure – saw blades, scissors, etc;
  • to strengthen the body's immune system.

If one of the members of the family who suffer from onychomycosis, the handle of the wall of the bath composition:

  • A mixture of equal parts of chlorine bleach with the detergent.
  • It uses the structure of the half-hour, after rinse off. You can only use chloramine.
  • Suffering from a fungal disease is to use a washcloth after drinking a cup to soak for an hour or more in a 5% strength solution of chlorine bleach.
  • Stockings, panty hose, tights, stockings, socks and other underwear, leaving on for 20 minutes in 2% soap-soda solution, of iron with a high temperature.
  • The nail clippers after use, wipe with alcohol, hold it over a flame.

The nails, the fungus infected part of the nail plate, the part of the skin. The first symptoms appear, not before, therefore, to identify the source of it.

After the fungus infection takes time to settle down. First, the disease affect the big toes. In the context of a year or longer, the fungus destroys the nail plate, the disorder is manifested by a change in color, thickening, crumbling edges.

The change in color. To be healthy, not affected by the nail fungus half-transparent, translucent capillaries, it is of a pinkish color. The infection changes the color of yellow, brown, black. Under the nail plate, there is formed the gap, where he got a call, and pathogens.

A thickening. The nail plate becomes thicker due to the increased keratinization, which is, in severe cases, to prevent fungus treatment.

In the collapse. In the absence of or imperfect treatment, the fungus invades the full thickness of the nail plate is destroyed, the colored.

If you don't take steps to treat the nail from onychomycosis, the disease becomes chronic. Penetrating into the body of the fungus weakens the body's immune system, causing allergic reactions, affects the internal organs.

The treatment of nail fungus medicines, drugs

Treatment out under the supervision of a specialist.

The doctor prescribes a drug for external use that are effective in simple and complex situations.

However, if the local external treatment of nail fungus does not give results, the doctor prescribes an antifungal medication internal.

They penetrate into the cells below the nail, the fungus is deprived of the opportunity to grow deep in. The treatment continued for a year or more.

The home treatment for nail fungus on your feet

The ointment of propolis:

  • Cooling, propolis, chop, and add to the warmed up to +60C vegetable oil, stirring for 10 minutes, let cool, and strain. Store in a glass container.

For the treatment of nail fungus on your feet, in the morning and in the evening, if you want to close with several layers of gauze, secured with adhesive plaster.

Propolis tincture:

  • The dissolution of the particles in the 90% alcohol to the consistency of cream.

Apply a thin coat to the sealing of the nails, waxed-paper. For the treatment of the fungus for two weeks.


Recipe 1:

  • The mixing of alcohol, tincture of iodine, and Apple cider vinegar in equal proportions.

For the treatment of fungus of the feet 2 times a day for up to 6 months.

Recipe 2:

  • Add in 2 C.l. Apple cider vinegar 10 drops of tea tree oil, a crushed clove of garlic, mix thoroughly.

Apply to affected area 2 to 3 times a day.

Recipe 3:

  1. Put it in hot water, soap, salt, baking soda, pairs of the feet.
  2. Cut with scissors the diseased part of the nail up to the healthy part (a painless process).
  3. The use of a compression – gauze soaked in Apple cider vinegar, and fasten it with a bandage or a band-aid.

Repeat the treatment as long as you don't start out by growing clean, healthy nails.

The elimination of needless infections, the disinfection of the feet – wipe the insides with vinegar or weak hair the solution.

Recipe for 4:

  • Place a fresh egg in 150 ml vinegar. Once the egg has dissolved, add 100 g butter and whisk into a paste.

Apply the ointment at night.

Recipe 5:

  • Three days later, and soak the feet for half an hour in the bath, where you add 1/2 Cup of vinegar.

The treatment, until recovery.

Tea tree oil:

  • Apply several times a day with tea tree oil or blending with sweet almond oil.


  • To treat nail fungus, every morning and evening the alcoholic tincture of iodine.

A course of 20 days.

Ground coffee:

  • Brew strong coffee, let it cool down.

Immerse the infected nails, without disturbing the sediment.


  • The plate Kombucha at night, to lay on the affected nail fungus, polyethylene wrap tape it up in the morning and for washing and lubrication of iron.

After a couple of treatments, it will start the growth of a healthy nail.

Folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus

St. john's wort:

  • For the treatment of nail fungus twice a day, fresh juice, take a bath with an infusion or a decoction.


  • The use of the fungal nail plate, fresh juice.

Ginger juice:

  • Apply to the area of influence of the fungus, juice, or a small plate of ginger.

Over a period of time to run more than one application with an interval of 5 to 10 minutes, without washing the juice with water.

Rancid butter:

  • To put on the window sill a little bit of natural butter of a – two-weeks-for treatment of fungus of the nails, they are ready for them.

Apply at night to close the nail plate with the polyethylene.

Salt, soda, to treat a nail fungus:

  • Dissolve in 1 liter of warm water, 3G salt, 5g with baking soda.

In place of the foot for 20 minutes, after that wash it off.

Oak bark, leaves of eucalyptus:

  • Brewing 3s.l. the bark of oak, 2s.l. eucalyptus leaves in 1 liter of boiling water, leave, drain.

Add in the warm water, the duration of the bath for 20 minutes.