Effective treatment for fungus between your toes

Yeast infection is a dangerous disease that most commonly affects the skin of the feet. Initially, the fungus between your toes and then spread to other areas. Looks similar to the disease, its manifestations, causes, and specifics of treatment is take a closer look.

fungus between toes treatment

The skin of the feet are often subjected to fungal diseases. The reasons for this situation can be the following:

  • the decrease in the protective mechanisms in the body, as a result of disease, infectious or inflammatory origin.
  • poor care of the lower extremities with blood, which causes stagnant processes in the legs;
  • microtrauma of the skin on the feet and between the fingers;
  • intense sweating or overly dry skin;
  • long wearing uncomfortable and tight shoes.
Trigger a foot fungus may neglect hygiene, presence of diaper rashes. In addition, the infection can enter the body through microtrauma to the skin during a visit to the pool or sauna.

Symptoms and types of athlete's foot

Interdigital fungal infection which has several stages of development, each of which has specific manifestations.

Symptoms of the initial stage of fungal infection:

  • the appearance of the small cracks between the toes, especially under the little fingers of the hands and feet;
  • slight peeling of the skin in the area of cracking.
In the initial phase, the symptoms are mild, so many do not give value to such manifestations, which are triggered by a fungal infection.

Following the development of interdigital athlete's foot has a more pronounced symptoms. On the skin appear red spots, peeling already been delivered. In the meantime can be a bubble in education with a clear liquid.

In the second phase of the development of the disease started to develop corns, the skin coarsens, appear in the towel. In the meantime, flaking, accompanied by itching and sometimes burning sensation.

The penultimate stage of the fungus between the fingers is characterized by the deterioration of the affected skin. The cracks become deeper, turning into eroded. Develops a wet fungus. Along with these symptoms there are other symptoms: inflammation and swelling of the affected by the fungus plots.

When is the advanced form of the disease show symptoms such as:

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  • purulent vesicles between the fingers, under the little fingers of the hands and feet;
  • pain and itching increase;
  • redness and irritation of skin markedly.

In addition, interdigital mycosis in the back of the stage has other properties. At this time, itchy fingers, fractures, and shearing of the skin, purulent burst bubbles. The area between your toes gets wet and rots, the affected nails of the shell, the shell, the epidermis appears a white film.

The occurrence of any of these symptoms should alert a person and encouraged to seek the advice of a specialist. Only early treatment provides the opportunity to get rid of the disease.

Types of fungi between the fingers

Fungal infections are often the cause of three kinds of bacteria – the dermatophytes, yeast and mould. Each type of infection has a favorable environment for development. Mold is a fungus that can develop where heat, humidity. The yeast fungi, which are capable to strike the nail and the skin.

The most often cause athlete's foot dermatophytes. The fungus primarily affects the skin between the fingers starting with the thumb and under the pinky. This type of infection prefers warm and moisture. It is in this environment develops spores virus.

Treatment at home

Interdigital fungal infection, which require long-term treatment. Therapy can be practiced at home. The most important thing is to carry out a review and confirm the diagnosis.

Complex treatment for fungus between toes includes treatment with medicines, and folk remedies.

Drug therapy

Treatment antifungal medicines internal applications need to be supplemented with external medications (creams, ointments, solutions).

Treatment prescribed by a dermatologist after a thorough review. Independently and without accurate diagnosis to take medication is not recommended, because this may worsen the patient's condition.

Treatment at home

For medical assistance due to illness can be reinforced with the folk remedies. In this case, the effective tools are:

  • therapeutic baths (salt, soda, herbal);
  • lotions with hydrogen peroxide, vinegar;
  • treatment of interdigital region with iodine.

This method helps to quickly get rid of the infection, eliminate the symptoms and relieve the patient's condition.

Salt and soda bath

To 1 litre of water (37-40 degrees) take 1-2 tsp of baking soda or salt. Dip your feet in the pool, and soak for 20-30 minutes. A good steam skin to process of keratinized epidermis, exfoliating.

The process is carried out at least 1 hour a day, preferably before bedtime.

Herbal baths

Chopped blend of dried herbs (chamomile, plantain, celandine), pour 1 liter of boiling water. Herbal need to take at least 3 tablespoons soak the feet in this infusion is recommended for at least 20 minutes.

After the soda and the herbal manipulation of the feet must be processed, maximum removal of damaged particles of the epidermis. The skin grease with hydrogen peroxide or iodine.

Lotions with vinegar

Dampen a piece of cotton wool in a 9% solution, apply to affected areas. Legs wrap with plastic, leave for 3-5 minutes. After the time to rinse the skin with warm water.

It is important, all the manipulation, the folk remedies to support the medication. If you want to do this, after each procedure, the affected areas to lubricate with antifungal ointments, creams or treated with aerosols.

Judging from experience and reader feedback, the complex treatment of the disease is much more effective than with anti-fungal agents alone.

How to treat fungus child

The appearance of fungal infection in the child can occur at any age. Why peels and peels off the skin, is able to find out a dermatologist. The fault may be low immunity, microtrauma to the skin of the feet, as well as the peaceful processes in the lower extremities. To correctly identify the cause and prescribe the appropriate therapy, the specialist must make a diagnosis.

fungus between the toes of the types of


Fungal infection, catching is easy, but to get rid of, that it is very difficult. The prevention helps not only to eliminate disease but also to prevent recurrence.

  1. The hygiene of the. Daily washing of the feet, treatment of diaper rashes, the fight against sweating.
  2. Caution in public places. Saunas and swimming pools, it is best to visit with your interchangeable shoes. After bathing the feet it is advisable to treat antifungal spray or peroxide.
  3. Wearing comfortable shoes, eliminate blisters and corns.
  4. Active lifestyle, helps maintain good blood circulation in the lower extremities.

Don't forget that physical exercise and hygiene

If the family is infected person, all footwear should be disinfected. Do not use personal hygiene, common objects. After the shower, your feet better be treated with ointments or sprays that will help to decontaminate the skin.

If you have the symptoms of the fungus between the fingers, it is important to immediately seek help of an expert, and in a short time to start treatment. Discovered at the time of the disease is easier to treat than advanced forms.