Nail fungus on big toe treatment

Fungal infection, which is manifested by unpleasant symptoms in the feet is called onychomycosis. From this disease, which affects approximately 33% of the population of the world. Most often, infection is localized in the big toe. Usually infection occurs in public places, where there is large concentration of people (pools, saunas, on the beach, etc). To catch a fungal infection and wearing someone else's shoes, and even while trying in the shop. The use of other people's hygiene can also cause onychomycosis.

fungus on the toe

The most important thing is to recognize the disease. As in the early stages it can be cured without problems and additional costs, then it may be too late. A result of neglect of your health can be a strong inflammation, loss of the nail, spread to other areas and other unpleasant consequences.

The symptoms of infection

This is very important if you experience the minimum of discomfort and signs of fungal infection on big toe to go to the dermatologist. The disease, which absolutely can not be ignored. For the definition of active infection with the following criteria:

  • The epidermis starts to break down. Calls can quickly penetrate into the skin layers, both outer layers flake off. The first sign of a fungal infection – scrub between your toes.
  • They occur on areas of the skin with bubbles. Their sizes are different – to reach the size of a pinhead. The first bubbles appear, then inflate and burst, and in their place, the skin remains painful cracks.
  • The nail plate thickens and becomes cloudy.
  • On the thumb nails appear whitish or yellowish spots.
  • The legs begin to exude an unpleasant smell.
  • In the affected area burning and itching.
  • The affected nail starts to grow, swelling and walking there are unpleasant sensations.
  • In the last stages of the disease the nail plate can be completely removed.

If you notice at least 2 of the above symptoms, should immediately consult a dermatologist. Experts vary in multiple stages of the development of onychomycosis:

  • Home. At this stage, the structure of the nail plate and the skin does not change, there are small changes in the colours of the nail, it can appear patchy.
  • In the second stage. The nail plate becomes yellow and becomes a source of unpleasant odor.
  • The advanced stage. At this stage, the plate begins to lose its healthy structure and is peeling off. It is important to understand that at this stage of the disease is very dangerous and for the others – increases the risk for infection, due to the fact that spores of the fungus from the feet of the sick spread everywhere.

At any stage we should not blindly run into the pharmacy and buy the expensive tools from onychomycosis. This article will tell you about the most effective medicines and methods of treatment of this fungal disease.

Basic rules of therapy

That would be because of you, as soon as is possible, treat only under supervision of a physician, after all his recommendations. It is important that in the process of treatment observe the following rules and tips:

  • Be sure to conduct a thorough hygiene of the feet, with the use of a special tool for this.
  • In order to prevent contamination of other people, you need to wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Things patient with onychomycosis should be washed and stored separately from the clothing of other family members.
  • After the treatment it is better to get rid of all the shoes.
  • Diet (while limiting sweets and cakes made with white flour) will improve the results of treatment.

This is advice that should be run quickly and effectively get rid of the fungus big toe. Take into account the basic and the most effective methods of treatment.

Treatment with medications

Before you can determine the specific medicinal product (both for external and internal treatment), the specialist must have an ultrasound, determined by the tests. It is very important to find out whether the pregnant woman. Due to the use of any antifungal medications prohibited during the period of which carrying the child.

fungus treatment


If the disease is too advanced stage, it may require surgical intervention. This is required if the plate is greatly thickened and is beginning to grow into the skin. The surgeon performed the removal of nail plate under local anesthesia. After the surgery there is complete recovery.

Innovative way

Methods for the treatment of onychomycosis is constantly improving. Currently recognized as the most effective laser treatment. It has been proven that the systematic heating of the infected nail plate contributes to the complete destruction of the fungal micro-organisms. While in the surrounding nail tissue is not affected. This method is most effective when used in an integrated receiving immunomodulatory drugs, and anti-mold.

Fungal infections of the nail of big toe can be treated, if it is time to go to the doctor and use the most effective and innovative techniques.