Nail fungus on the big toe and hands

This files most often diagnosed fungus on my big toe. The earlier you start treatment, the lower is the probability that the infection will spread to other nails and lead to serious complications. On the specifics of this disease and fight, that we discuss in today's article.

Causes of fungus on big toe

fungus big toe treatment
The main cause of onychomycosis is a violation of hygienic rules. Essential communication with the person who is sick with this disease. For example, without compliance with preventive recommendations that fungus infection environment the infected.

The structure of the nail plate of the thumb largely contributes to the development of onychomycosis. Growth and reproduction of the colony to spawn, it is easier. A large cluster of nerve endings and blood vessels compared with the other fingers, leads to the fact that in this area, the faster the discomfort.

Nail fungus on the big toe can be developed on the basis of the following adverse factors:

  • endocrine problems;
  • psoriasis;
  • varicose veins;
  • eczema;
  • immunosuppression;
  • dermatitis;
  • serious infections with HIV, hepatitis, etc;
  • wearing poor quality shoes.

In childhood onychomycosis big toe is rare. At that time, such as the elderly, this pathology is diagnosed quite frequently. This is associated with reduced protective forces of the organism and age-related changes.

If you want to see a specialist?

The address of the dermatologist or mycologist at the clinic must be in a timely manner. The earlier the problem is identified and treated, the less consequences and complications that will arise.

The initial symptoms big toe nail fungus can be eliminated in 1-2 months. If the pathological process is moved in the current phase of that fight will last for at least six months.

Medical Lac

A special tool, attracting price and ease of use, which shall apply from onychomycosis. These medicines are needed from pharmacies without a prescription. Their purpose is important in the early stages of onychomycosis. The principle of operation of the therapeutic of nail polishes, which is a softening of the tissue, nail and antimicrobial effect. Due to the current structure, the tool easily penetrates into the deepest layers of the plate, killing the fungus at the cellular level.

Local antifungals: creams, ointments and sprays

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External medicines should be used not only on the fungal plates, but also on the skin adjacent to them to improve the therapeutic effect. Such funds rarely cause the development of adverse reactions, which are of a systemic nature, on the part of the body, since they are practically not absorbed into the General circulation, thus is considered to be very effective in the fight against the disease. However, if the infection is kept and their use may be unjustified. Therefore, the selection of any prescription antifungals or oral, must be dealt with by a dermatologist.

Before the use of external anti-fungal medications, it is important to prepare the nail plate for therapeutic effects. If you want to do this, they lightened with the help of foot bath, and then gently rasp and cut the edge with nail scissors. The majority of medicines is recommended to be used up to two times a day for a few months. To avoid the return of nail fungus, use the medicine for 2 weeks after they are sick for recovery.

Medications antifungals for oral use

If we talk about the chronic fungal infection, cure it only with the help of local drug, is almost impossible. The fact that the infectious agents in this case are not present only in the tissue of the nail plate, they have chosen the other path, which affect the internal organs as a result of penetration into the General circulation. This situation has a negative impact on the immune system, causes development and exacerbation of physical illness and So began onychomycosis cannot be ignored.

The Specialist selects the complex treatment of nail fungus in the form of a diagram of external and oral antifungals. Tools for internal reception are available in the form of tablets or capsules. Get into the body through the digestive tract, be absorbed into the systemic circulation and destroy the spores spawn in their tissues, including in the area of the thumb.

Treatment of folk remedies

Among the recipes of traditional medicine in the fight against the ungual fungus can be found using the following medications:

  • Iodine. To make pathogens of onychomycosis with the thumb use the foot bath with the addition of 8 drops of the preparation for 3 liters of water. In the steam plate is cut along the edge with scissors and remove the upper Horny layers of the nail file, and then treated with hydrogen peroxide and give rise to anti-fungal ointment. Events repeat every day, until the disappearance of symptoms.
  • Vinegar. In hot water with the 9% table Apple cider vinegar, immerse your feet for 15 minutes. The bath softens the nails, so that after the procedure it is necessary to remove the soft tissue with a nail set. In the early stages of the disease, the procedure, which is carried out every day as a new method of treatment within a period of 2 weeks in advanced fungus bath with vinegar automatically becomes an integral part of systemic therapy.
  • Lemon. A fresh piece of citrus fruit is used for the thumb nail infected with fungus and fix the bandage. Tried to do all night. Product works as vinegar, so after waking up nails cleaned up loose fragments.
  • In the celandine. Fresh juice of the plant applied to the surface of foci of onychomycosis and skin bordering them. Treatment is repeated every 2 hours with a good tolerability of medicinal plants within a period of 14 days.
  • Potatoes. Pure vegetable cooked in unsalted water and the resulting fluid in the air conditioning of the foot, the impact of the fungus. Then, on sick nails, apply a paste of potato cake in the form of a mask for 20 minutes. Rinse with water and treat the nail plate with pork fat. The procedure is carried out on a daily basis.
  • fungus big toe treatment folk methods
  • Coffee. Natural product, cooked, and cooled to 45°C. In a hot liquid to immerse the feet for 15 minutes. After the coffee bath for the foot is rinsed with running water and treated with all the anti-fungal cream. The course of treatment 10 days.
  • Garlic. A few cloves vegetable shredded on a grater and mix the resulting slurry with 1 tbsp of rubbing alcohol. The tool is used for the pockets onychomycosis every day as a compress for 25 minutes.
  • Kombucha. Piece of product is cleaned of unnecessary films and dirt, crushed to a pulp and gently rubbed into the stratum corneum of the nail plate. The rest of the mass is used on the cloth as a compress for 20 minutes. The procedure is repeated every day.
  • Soda. On the basis of the sodium bicarbonate not softening foot bath and a pasta with a keratolytic effect. For cooking 2 tablespoons baking soda mixed with a small amount of water with the cellulose. The resulting mixture is applied to the affected nails covering the top with plastic wrap and bandage. The poultice should be left on all night. In the morning mollita fabric is decreased, in the evening repeat again manipulation.
  • White. And household chemicals has found application in folk medicine. It is used with a cotton swab in undiluted form for the pre-steamed and peeled nail and leave to soak for 20 minutes. The white does not wash off until morning. After waking up the feet clean large quantities of cold water.

In some cases, surgical intervention is needed?

Surgical removal of the nail plate may be necessary when running onychomycosis and ineffective therapy for local and systemic antimykotika. Some patients prefer a surgical approach, because the duration and cost of conservative treatment.

Removal of the nail of the thumb of the hand or foot surgical procedure, which provides complete recovery from the onychomycosis and has no side effects, unlike the use of medications.


If the fungus appeared on the nail big toe and the patient continues the treatment, but I don't see any noticeable results, there are doubts about the inappropriateness of the applied therapy. Usually such conditions are observed in individuals who are self-selection of medicines, without visiting a specialist.

Faced with a lack of expected therapeutic effect, as people who are accused of the shortcomings of the drug manufacturers, but, in fact, the cause lies not in the poor quality of the product. Consider the basic errors of the patients, who have decided to treat nail fungus by yourself:

  • Wrong diagnosis of the extent of the injury. If in the initial stage of the disease is easy to eliminate non-specific antiseptics (hydrogen peroxide, Zelenka, iodine, etc) and therapeutic ones, in the case of advanced onychomycosis require the heavy artillery of drugs for systemic and local effects. Due to inexperience, many people choose only the external antifungals, limited to the ointment or gel, so it is not surprising that the result of such therapy will be missing if it is time for a drink antifungal pills.
  • Illiterate selection of medicines. There are a large number of pathogens of onychomycosis, and to combat them, created antimycotic means of broad-spectrum. However, there are situations when the actin substances the drug is ineffective against specific organisms, in this case, treatment with inappropriate medicines is ineffective. Therefore, the use of a particular antimycotic, which you want to connect with this type of fungal infection, to speed up the healing process.
  • Irregularities of treatment. Get rid of onychomycosis of great toe, treatment should be strictly selected scheme, without any interruptions in the use of medicines. Systematically clean and remove loose fragments of nail plate and handle their assets with fungicidal and fungistatic action intentionally prevents the progression of the pathological process, the pathogens lose their capacity for reproduction and growth in such conditions. A pass in the use of drugs slow down recovery and increase the resilience of the conflict has to spawn to the action of antifungals.
  • Failure to observe the rules of hygiene. Fungus on the thumb, there is a risk, not only for the inner circle, but also for the patient since the infectious agents are scattered on the bedding, clothing, etc., Rarely changes socks, and other factors that contribute to the continuous autoinfection and have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the therapy.
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Early onychomycosis big toe is not hazardous and has no adverse effects on the human body. The activated form of disease triggers the development of complications, which in the literal sense, undermine our health. These include:

  • the spread of infectious agents on the surrounding healthy skin and nails;
  • the deterioration of the immune defense;
  • chronic disease with a damage of internal organs;
  • acute and chronic indolent inflammation;
  • aesthetic changes in the appearance of the nail plate, to the total destruction.

If you continue to sit idle and not to go to the doctor, in the late stage of pathology, the myceliums fungi begin to actively proliferate in the human body, and their metabolic products can cause the following complications:

  • toxicoderma — acute inflammatory process of the allergic nature, procedure severe dermatosis: rash, when it is localized, not only in the outbreak of onychomycosis of the skin and body, but also on the mucous membranes;
  • Lyell's syndrome — the complex form of toxicoderma associated with the development of necrotic changes;
  • hepatopathy, acute defeat of liver cells, characterized by a skin rash, colic in the right hypochondrium, General weakness, jaundice, vomiting with admixture of blood and ascites — accumulation of fluid in the peritoneum.
The effects of the big toe nail fungus without proper treatment can lead to very disastrous results — the toxic damage observed not only in the liver but in the heart, kidneys and other vital organs. Without treatment in such cases, fatal in 95% of patients.