How to treat nail fungus at home

Nail fungus is not life threatening diseases. However, this disease can cause a lot of problems, man. Infection occurs by direct contact with an infected surface.

It is possible for a very long time, that the holder and at the slightest damage to the skin and decreased immunity are suddenly sick of onychomycosis.


Methods for the treatment of nail fungus at home

The main cause of nail fungus – the weakening of local immunity and skin damage. Symptoms can be manifested in various ways-from changes in the structure of the nail and sepsis depending on the severity of the disease.

Initial therapy is better in the initial stages, the process will not be as long-lasting, and the symptoms are not so pronounced.

Started onychomycosis treatment difficult and long – by a combination of different medicines. Method of treatment often depends on the shape of the disease and manifestation of symptoms. Sometimes you may need surgery to remove the disc.

To treat nail fungus at home in several ways:

  • Funds from the pharmacy;
  • Popular recipes;
  • Combining approaches (a combination of 2 options).

With mycosis can be overcome only by combining the approaches and knowledge of the principles of treatment. For the first time, conventional medicine offers many options of drugs with different regimens.

Within taking the pills, working in the mode of the pulse therapy, which is the highest dose for the rapid destruction of the fungus. During the courses it is usually a long pause.

Pharmacy can offer you the ointments, creams, oils, and also special coatings and films against mycotic. They're in the main hold of fungicides, but the effectiveness of the same drug may vary.

To successfully cure your nail fungus, you must first determine the types, severity, pathology, and skin type. All of this is taken into account in the selection of medicines for the treatment of mycosis. If the nail is affected only by 50%, to cope with the disease, which can and usually ointment.

But in addition to the pharmacies means that is to be applied and folk medicine in the home. This is often safer than taking a systemic medication, and is also available in the price range for most. Healing ointments can be done on the basis of butter.

Important! Recipes of traditional medicine at home, should apply as pharmacy, medication, dose so it does not interfere with the local immune system and does not aggravate the symptoms.


Nail fungus — treatments and folk remedies

To treat fungus at home various folk remedies.

The basic components of all prescriptions for the treatment of onychomycosis:

  • soda;
  • salt;
  • iodine;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • garlic;
  • washing powder;
  • vinegar;
  • glycerin;
  • alcohol;
  • grass.

Any tool from the list, or a combination of both will give excellent results, although some time will need to wait for the growth of a healthy nail.

Ideally, before starting treatment at home, you need to remove the affected nail plate nutrients and quickly delivered to the affected area. This will speed up the healing process. It can be used as ointments from the pharmacy, and domestic.

Not everyone who is aware of, but the treatment of nail fungus, it is not only the use of traditional means to the surface of the skin, but other surfaces – daily, change socks, wash Clothes and clean Shoes.

You will also need to be cleaned with a special solution of all surfaces that contact the infected area, i.e., floor, furniture, vessel.

Treat nail fungus at home — recipes

Traditional medicine offers several recipes that you can quickly get rid of onychomycosis. Here are some of them:

  • Peroxide in combination with baking soda

The first principle of washing powder soak your feet, but instead of 100 g of the powder add only 1 tsp. with baking soda per gallon. After the procedure, the peroxide liberally soaked piece of cotton wool applied to the affected area and wrap it with cellophane place for long exposure.

The entire process takes about one hour. It is better to compress twice a day, but it is possible once, if only this was on a regular basis. Also during the day in the cavity of the nail should be instilled a few drops of peroxide.

  • Garlic

Treatment with garlic at home is simple and effective. Can a clove of garlic cut into layers, dipped them in the salt and apply on the affected area, and you can make a salt slurry and together with a bandage, to carry the day.

This compression can be done for the night. You can also do with onions. If this slurry is mixed with butter, it would be great ointment.

  • The use of ammonia

For a long time in folk fungus treatment is alcohol. One glass normal water to 1 tbsp. ammonia. Further, the cotton fabric, which is placed in solution and used as a compress for the night.

  • Salt-soda-iodine

A versatile folk remedy that is easy to do at home. It also helps for sore throat acute respiratory infections and to accelerate wound healing and nail fungus. On a litre of water, a teaspoon of baking soda, a tablespoon of salt and a few drops of iodine.

The next necessary for the calculation of the required amount in hot water with the dissolved components are washed every night of the leg.

  • Soda in the treatment of fungus can be used separately

Add in the baking soda small amount of water to obtain a slurry, and apply to the affected area for 20 minutes. Then rinse the mixture, gently dry with a towel.

  • Boric acid

Boric acid as a folk medicine helps in the treatment of nail fungus worse.

Wash your feet, then sprinkle dry the lesion of the powder and leave it for one night under socks. Enough 9 treatment.

  • Mix the iodine, glycerin, vinegar

Mix the iodine, glycerin, vinegar, and boiling water is 1:2. This mixture RUB into the affected area overnight. Repeating fungus treatment at home in the context of this programme, the 10-fold.

  • Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol soak a cotton swab and nail to put on a night under the cellophane. Treatment for 2 weeks.

  • Grass

A great help in the treatment of onychomycosis – grass. You can soar feet in the decoction of nettle, sage, mint, chamomile. After the procedure, the same mixture mix and pour into the sock. So sleep at night.

  • Ointments, herbal

Manufacture of creams based on herbs and oils that will require patience and precision. Mint, st. john's wort, chamomile, nettle and sage mixed in equal proportions, and this mixture per 100 g of butter, add a tablespoon.

Herbal oils for cooking in a water bath and the future of the ointment languishing for 30 minutes. When the term of the resulting mixture is filtered through triple layers of medical gauze. Ointment to apply twice daily on the affected area.

  • Washing powder

Washing powder for the treatment of fungus on the nails, which are offered by many Internet users. This is due to the ability of alkaline components. In these conditions the infection does not survive. 100 g of powder dissolved in hot water (3-5 liters).

To soar feet with this structure every day, until complete disappearance of symptoms, then three days for the execution of the procedure. Many say that 10 days were able to overcome onychomycosis. This is just a folk remedy.

Important! Socks should be changed daily, and their contents. This prevents reproduction of the fungus and accelerate the treatment.


How to cure fungus toenails — effective method of

The effectiveness of nail fungus treatment at home due to the meticulous approach to hygiene and a combination of different therapies.

Using the pharmacy tool, you can also use the traditional medicine and vice versa. This will help to quickly cure fungus on the feet. If you think that after the use of folk remedies, the skin dries, it should be applied to the surface of the skin with olive or sea buckthorn oil. The latter can stain the skin and fabrics in orange.

When the disease is already defeated, is it necessary to the prevention of folk remedies at home, for example, weekly, steep feet in one of the above solutions.

This will help prevent re-infection. Regularly treat shoes and other surfaces with an antifungal medication, or in other ways.

Important! If the tool is not complete, you must stop and try another method. All of the symptoms of an allergic nature, which serves as a warning that the selected method is wrong.

How to treat nail fungus on hands

Nail fungus on hands treated on the same principle as on the legs. The only difference is that instead of socks, used gloves. Not every product can be held for extended periods of time in the field of destruction.

The correct fungus treatment is regular care – hand wash those surfaces to which they relate. Then you will not have to face in the future, with a similar infection.

Do not forget that nail fungus is very contagious, but the risk of infection is present only in those situations where there is decreased immunity. Therefore, the processing should be also consumed large amounts of vitamins and useful minerals.

Also does not interfere with the immunomodulating drugs, to help strengthen the immune system. Do not use at the same time folk remedy, and pharmacy, not to provoke an allergic reaction. The first, used in the pharmacy, and then one hour later, with the same recipe mixture. This allows you to quickly treat nail fungus on hands.

Do not forget that nail fungus on your hands to help people is money, but also official medicine should not be pushed to the side. Modern medicines allow a few techniques to completely ruin mycotics, and the folk remedies will fix the effect for a long time.