How to treat foot fungus folk remedies: methods and recipes

Fungal infection on feet – the disease is a common, unpleasant, but with the appropriate treatment takes place quickly and without consequences (not to speak about running or chronic form). Conservative treatment includes the use of specific local ointments, creams and pills that a comprehensive impact on the fungus and stimulate the immune system. Folk medicine has developed equally efficient methods of treatment without the high cost.

What is foot fungus

Foot fungus

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection, pathogens, which are different types of fungi. The Marvel in this case the nail plate, the interdigital areas of the skin of the foot, the sole, or both in combination of the infection. Can become infected in various ways, sometimes even not the right to protect health. The main modes of infection are:

  • installation or use of the other person's shoes.
  • the use of socks, shoes of poor quality materials, inadequate size;
  • search barefoot in public pools, baths, saunas;
  • weak hygiene care after prolonged wearing of the Shoe;
  • mechanical damage;
  • damp socks and shoes throughout the day;
  • the implementation of the pedicure-sterile instrument;
  • activation of the fungus in the process of another disease or surgical procedures.

Primary infection with the fungus is invisible in most cases. The doctor the patient turns when the symptoms are expressed clearly. In this case, is assigned to a comprehensive treatment. This can be prevented if you know the symptoms of athlete's foot:

  • peeling, exfoliation of the skin with the active regeneration of the lower layer;
  • itching;
  • unpleasant smell: some of the fungal strains to violate the sebaceous glands;
  • local discoloration of the skin in the area of the infection (yellow, yellow-brown to greenish, bluish).

How to treat at home

The classic therapy includes use of creams and ointments. But in some cases you can do without them. Folk remedy for foot fungus very effectively. The most important thing is, that before self-treatment and refer to specialist to clarify the possibility of combining pharmacological resources and folk methods.

Experts often recommend a combination of both methods, as this system gives greater efficiency.

Folk remedy fungus

You need to remember that not all of the templates you can find online or hear from others, practical sense. So some quasi-experts in nail fungus show a complete removal of the nail plate and handling field of this alcoholic solution. This will only lead to chemical burns of the layers under the nail and further almost guaranteed to loss of the nail. Therefore, you should carefully understand the specific popular media.

The main limitation in the use of home remedies, – any personal intolerance, an allergic reaction to a particular plant, mortar etc, So we strongly recommend a preliminary visit to the doctor, to avoid negative effects and hold the safe treatment. Mainly for therapy home use:

  • boric acid;
  • vinegar;
  • the oak bark;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • soap;
  • copper sulphate;
  • resins, apricots;
  • burdock leaves;
  • the juice of the celandine;
  • garlic;
  • bow;
  • soda.

Boric acid

This folk remedy for foot fungus is used for a long time. In addition, the boric acid helps fight against insects, disinfection of premises, to treat acne, to heal wounds. Fungus treatment between toes folk remedies with the assistance is based on a strong antibacterial effect. Acid destroy the spores mycelium inhibits the proliferation of microorganisms, eliminates odors. Ointment, solution or powder have a minimum of contraindications (children under 12 years, pregnant women, the presence of renal failure).

Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate (plain dining room soda) is used since the Soviet times as a treatment for fungal infections on the feet. In most recipes is the bath in its pure form, this will cause further irritation due to mechanical damage to the skin. Warning allergic to baking soda, you need to perform a little test: a soda paste applied to the wrist for about 20 minutes. This time is sufficient so that the skin reacted to the substance. How to treat foot fungus folk remedies with baking soda:

  1. Pour into a bowl about 2 litres of water, heated to 40 degrees. Mix 1 tbsp of baking soda. Add a quarter tsp of grated soap. Dip your feet in the tub for half an hour. Wait for the drying of the feet, and to wipe them with the towel. Repeat the procedure 2 times a week.
  2. In a glass of warm water, add as much soda to make the paste. The mixture is gently applied on the affected area. When the paste is dry, rinse with water, do not RUB, to avoid damage to the skin. After this procedure, the foot powder or spray with starch.

Copper sulphate

The effectiveness of this tool depends on the depth of fungal attack of the skin. With advanced forms of the disease, the copper sulfate should be combined with pharmacological means. Before use it is important to carefully handled foot bath with other substances, removes dead tissue with a pumice stone. Most importantly, do not breathe fumes copper sulphate. Poison kompensiruet cold water (0.5 litre) or tablets with activated charcoal for weight in combination with 2 cups of milk. How to make a bath of copper sulphate?

  1. Heat the water to 40 degrees and pour into the pool.
  2. Dissolving copper sulphate - 1 tsp to 1.5 litres of water.
  3. Dip your feet in the solution for half an hour.
  4. After the procedure, dry feet with a towel and treated with special agents that are assigned to a doctor.

Treatment vinegar

Acetic acid is a strong antiseptic effect, but use with caution, because the substance in its pure form is very aggressive. Most of the recipes include a mixture based on vinegar and other components. If foot ulcers are present cracks, erosion, the solution is made less concentrated, so as not to cause additional injury or burns. Examples of recipes with vinegar:

  1. Before using the bath, it is necessary that you wash your feet and remove dead skin. Vinegar (all) dilute in lukewarm water (in the ratio 1:1). Hover legs for 10-15 minutes After dry feet with a towel.
  2. A mixture of apple cider vinegar in equal proportions with iodine (or carrot juice) and RUB the patient's skin several times a day (does not apply to open wounds).
  3. 2 eggs, a half-liter jar, pour 70% vinegar. After 10-12 days the shell will dissolve (if this has not happened fully, it is necessary to wait). Add 1 tbsp of butter. Stir until smooth. The result of the composition applied to the surface with the athlete's foot for the night. Be sure to wear wool socks.



The juices of many plants, which have strong fungicidal properties. Celandine, with the point of view of medicine, which are used to create various medicines, creams, ointments. Traditional healers are recommended to collect the plant yourself, if this is not possible, the pharmacy, and the collection of plants is about 50 p. It is important to know that the patient has no hypersensitivity to the extract or juice of plants. Celandine, as a method for the treatment of fungal infections, has proven effective even without a combination with treatment with medications, if you use in time, which, of course, is not to be interrupted. Recipes:

  1. 3 tablespoons chopped celandine pour a litre of water. Boil for 3-5 minutes. In the soup, diluted with one liter of boiling water. Soak feet for 20-30 minutes per day for 20 days.
  2. Using chopped herbs and iodine (pour gradually to make a thick slurry. Apply to affected area, cover with plastic wrap for 20 minutes. When you remove the mass and do not wet your feet for 3-4 hours. Repeat the procedure daily until complete recovery.

Tea tree oil

A tool that has been used for centuries, is one of the most neutral from the medical point of view. As a remedy for athlete's foot the essence of the basic added bath 7-10 drops. Does not adversely react with the other ingredients. In treatment of nail fungus should be to drop a few grams on the nail plate and spread evenly across the surface. In the treatment of skin mycoses oil dilute 1:3, for example, with olive, to prevent excessive drying of the skin.

Hydrogen peroxide

The solution is not treat the fungal infection directly, but prevents the increase in injuries, fungus and protects against secondary infections by bacteria and other pathogens. It is important to contact with the peroxide carefully, otherwise you can get burned, instead of treatment. Uses only 3% of the solution. Recipes, as they are not there. Hydrogen peroxide, and tea tree oil, add 10 drops per 1 litre of water. In the tub foot down for 10 minutes.


In addition to the use of different prescriptions, where key elements which are present of the other substances, Laundry soap is used for the treatment of foot fungus as a hygienic means. After the mandatory cleaning foot dead skin feet should be steam in the hot water, lather and RUB with a hard brush for 5-7 minutes. After wipe your feet and process the moisturizer or prescribed medication.

In children

The treatment of mycosis of the feet in children should be performed with caution, because the child's body actively reacts to the medicine, and folk remedies. In the case of the detection of the fungus on the legs definitely need to turn to the pediatrician, because the course of illness of the child, it is harder to predict as an adult. In the initial stages sometimes lack the tea tree oil, and sour cream, which are not corrosive, antiseptic. Folk remedies for treating foot fungus and nail in children:

  1. 1 tbsp dried ground spurge, pour a glass of boiling water and put on a steam bath for 5 minutes. Cool, after dilution with 2 liters of warm water. Soak the feet for 15-20 minutes.
  2. A decoction of wormwood. 2 tablespoons herbs, that cook in 1 litre of water. Give the soup to cool to 40 degrees. Feet to float for 10 minutes.
  3. A mixture of garlic or onion gruel with sunflower oil in equal proportions. Grate scaly skin areas before bedtime for 2 weeks.
  4. Calendula flowers pour boiling water in the ratio of 1:2. Let stand, and after half an hour, to filter. Infusion lubricate the foot before sleeping.
  5. Sour cream only lubrication of the feet before bedtime to get rid of the itching and cracking. The duration of therapy is 7 days.

During pregnancy

In pregnant women significantly increases the load on the foot, deterioration of trophic tissues, which creates favorable conditions for the development of fungal diseases. Fungus treatment on legs folk remedies of the moms-to-be special to avoid even the theoretical harm to the fetus. For example, it is forbidden to use antifungal drugs for systemic effects, as traditional medicine in primary and secondary stages of mycosis become an effective solution due to the natural ingredients in most recipes:

  1. Oil from the plant is impregnated with a cotton swab and apply for 10-15 minutes, to the nail plate.
  2. 20 g of crushed propolis, pour 200 ml of rubbing alcohol and leave in a dark place for 2 weeks. Infusion to filter. Before starting the procedure for the disinfection of nails any valid antiseptic (alcohol, solution of potassium permanganate). Tincture drench the damaged plate, leave to soak, tightly wrap the finger. A bandage leave overnight or for 3-4 hours, if the procedure were performed.
  3. Fresh juice of the Golden mustache is rubbed into the affected nail, then wrap with polythene for a few hours. After removal of the film keratinized nail plate is soft. It should be turned down with a nail file. Then used the tar, finger bandage at night. Procedure during the week to relieve the main symptoms of the fungus.
  4. Lather your feet with soap and tar, sprinkle with a little salt, and wrap. Repeat during the week.
  5. Boil 100 g of clean potato peels. Mash until smooth, then diluted with water to the consistency of the starch solution. The lower part of the foot for 10 minutes, then dry thoroughly, lubricate the goose fat and put on warm socks. The procedure is performed at night for 10 days.

Foot fungus treatment to more advanced forms of folk remedies

The last form of fungus is difficult to stop even aggressive treatment. Often therapy helps to ensure that only relieve the symptoms, but prevention is in progress, whereas chronic fungal infections, which remain until the end of life. To relieve the symptoms of a chronic fungal infection used folk remedies, which significantly reduces the chances of recurrence. The most popular methods of fungus treatment and prevention:

  1. 3 cups 3% hydrogen peroxide to pour in 2 litres of warm water. Feet dipped in the solution for 20 minutes. The result is shows in a month.
  2. In boiling water (1 liter) add 1 tbsp. from makhorka (dry, crushed leaves of tobacco), that on the heat for 2-3 minutes. Allow to cool to an acceptable temperature, lower the legs for soup and keep it in a cool place. The constitution will not wipe and allow to dry yourself. The next day, wash the feet with soap and water.
  3. A teaspoon of cigarette ash mixed with a small amount of toothpaste with fluoride. Consequently, the ointment is applied to affected areas, cover with plastic wrap, put on warm socks at night. Rinse in the morning.
  4. Two grass stalk Veronica boil 1 litre of water. Feet soaked in a warm broth for 15 minutes. The procedure is repeated every day until recovery.