Best cream for foot and nail fungus

The fungus often affects the skin of the feet and the nails on the toes. In the first case the disease is called athlete's foot, onychomycosis in the second. This disease can develop independently of each other. But, if you don't begin timely and proper treatment, athlete's foot spreads rapidly, infecting large areas of the skin, starts to affect the nail plate.

the best solution for foot fungus

The mechanism of infection mycosis and onychomycosis are the same – through the cracks, the wounds of the pathogenic fungus penetrates into the skin and nail plate. If the immune system is weakened, it begins to develop. However, these diseases are different symptoms.

The main features of mycosis foot skin roughness, excessive dryness, flaking skin, itching, formation of rashes, the foot smell. Symptoms of onychomycosis – the thickening and discoloration of the nail plate, the formation of pimples and furrows on its surface, brittle nails and peeling.

From the causative agent of athlete's foot and onychomycosis are the pathogenic fungi, both diseases are treated with special ointments. After use, they penetrate deep into the skin and nail plate, inhibits the development of fungi and destroying them. In the early stages of a fungal infection in the treatment process, it is enough to only use the funds for local use. But when the disease is neglected, the ointment is used in conjunction with other drugs.

It is important to note that athlete's foot is cured faster than the nail onychomycosis. With the correct choice of medicines for the treatment of diseases of the skin, which will be free for 1-2 months, while the treatment of onychomycosis lasts 4-12 months. This is because the rate of regeneration of the epidermis, it is much faster than the process of re-growth of the nail plate.

Consider best cream for foot fungus and nails. With the correct use of will fully recover and let the legs in order.

What grease should I choose?

Protivolakozna ointment a good remedy for foot fungus. But it worked, it is important to choose the right medication. It must first be tested (scraping), which allows the user to determine what the pathological fungus has provoked the development of the disease. Most often the causative factors of fungal infection on the nails of the feet, the legs act as yeast, fungi and dermatophytes.

The diagnosis must be certified by a doctor, according to the results of the analysis. Then called a means for the fungus, which helps to treat specific diseases. This is important because each drug is designed to destroy certain types of fungus.

There are 2 groups of ointments for the treatment of fungi:

the best folk remedy for foot fungus
  1. Azole – tools designed to curb the growth of the cell membranes of fungi. Preparations with a high concentration of active substances, which completely destroy the spawn. Drugs in this category, it helps to get rid of fungal infections of the skin, nail. The drug belongs to the Soloway group, if their name contains the word "azole".The course of treatment, these drugs take up to one month.
  2. Allylamine is an inexpensive ointments containing Naftifin, Terbinafine, Butenafine. These active ingredients, which destroy practically all types of moulds, yeast and yeast fungi.

Allylamine ointment temporarily the development of fungi and in addition have anti-inflammatory action. Therapy drugs of this group may continuously takes a maximum of 3 months.

The use of antifungal ointments, which has a number of advantages:

  • this can be used by persons who are medically contraindicated for systemic therapy;
  • precision effects – the medication is applied to affected areas, acting directly on the pathogen, which accelerates the healing process;
  • high safety – the drug is usually tolerated by the body and, therefore, a valid long-term continuous therapy, side effects are rare;
  • minimum number of contraindications;
  • versatility – suitable for the treatment of fungus on the skin and nails on hands and feet;
  • affordable price of medicines.
The main disadvantage of ointments is that in the advanced stages of the disease, when it affected large areas of the skin and nails, that will not help. In such situations, you need to use in combination with a systemic medication.

Homemade ointment for fungus

Medical ointment you can make yourself, using natural ingredients that have antifungal properties.

The most effective recipes:

  1. Slip in a glass 100 g of vinegar and 200 g butter. Add 1 egg without breaking the shell. Cover tightly with lid and place in the fridge. When the egg shell to dissolve, and this will happen about a week later, the ointment is ready. This should be mixed thoroughly and used for weeks, lubricating the affected areas of the skin and nails before going to bed.
  2. Mix equal proportions of butter and minced garlic. This ointment is applied to the infected areas of the skin once a day before bedtime. The fungus must go through the 7-10 days.
  3. Take 1 tablespoon of cream collected from home the milk and mix with 100 g of birch tar and 1 egg. All the ingredients mix well and store in the fridge. Use the ointment before bedtime for 2 months. Is used at the top of the bandage. Prior to this time to stop the treatment, it is impossible.
  4. the best solution for foot fungus ointment
  5. Grind 300 g of twigs eaten. Put them in glass jars alternately a layer of pine needles with a layer of butter. Filled capacity to cover it with foil and sent in the oven to cook for 5-6 hours. The temperature should be minimal. Ready means, strain, store in a refrigerator. Month use it once a day to the affected skin and nails.

Ointments, prepared according to popular recipes very effective, but in advanced stage of mycosis and onychomycosis should be used along with systemic medications. In comparison with pharmacy means that they are much safer as they have virtually no contraindications. Only – allergic to the ingredients of the ointment.

More material about the treatment of athlete's foot of different forms of medicines, and folk remedies you will find at this link.

Tips for using the

For Protivolakozna ointment penetrated into the skin and nail plate, as deep as possible, the legs should be drawn up accordingly:

  1. Wash them in warm water, preferably with herbs. Steam the legs to dry thoroughly.
  2. Before applying the ointment on the nails, it is important for couples to reduce and remove affected area using a nail file. For each nail an individual instrument, or before and after the treatment of the nail plate, the nail file is well sanitized.
  3. The ointment is applied in a thin layer to all affected areas, as well as healthy skin and nails, that are in the vicinity of the infected. It is important to wait until the vehicle is fully absorbed.
  4. Have to wear socks made from natural materials.
  5. You need to regularly carry out disinfection of footwear and household items, which are in contact with the affected skin and nails.

For the treatment of fungus, requires staged treatment of:

  1. First get rid of the cause that led to the disease. To eliminate the possibility of re-infection. If you walked barefoot in the pool, public shower, at the beach, for starters, that you wear shoes.
  2. To carry out an analysis to see exactly what strain of fungus to be seen.
  3. Go protivomikrobnuu therapy with specific medicines.
  4. To minimize the risk for recurrence, the better to take preventive measures. If you want to do this, observe the rules of hygiene, used several times a week ointments with antifungal effect.

Ointment athlete's foot and nails a nice treatment. They are very effective and as safe as possible, because they operate at the local level. The body to penetrate a small number of active components, so they do not affect the condition.

Despite the safety of use of ointments, do not self-heal. If you regularly use drugs, the active ingredient, which does not work on the fungus afflicting you, the result will be. The disease will progress and you will lose precious time. Further treatment much more complicated.

In the case of the slightest suspicion of an infection with a fungus of the feet, the nails, should go to the doctor. Is it really called the appropriate treatment.