What would need to choose a remedy for nail fungus,

This is a nasty disease with bad consequences for the solution, which can be effective only-only in the first stages of its development. In other cases, when the progression of the fungus too active, you will need a doctor's help and a strong action for the fungi, damaging the nail plate on the hands and feet.

Before treatment: characteristics of fungi you need to know

nail fungus

All diseases with fungal origin, among the people, who suffer, by their nature, infectious, and pathogenic. Nails are frequent injuries are fungi and infection occurs easily contact-household way, from the sick to the healthy. Often there is failure to comply with the key rules of hygiene.

The infection in many cases can occur when in the same family with a different plan of public facilities, or shoes. In addition, getting sick is a risk in areas with high foot traffic, where there is possible contact with pathogenic fungi, such as the gym, saunas, beaches and much more.

The manifestation of the injury the nail plates on the feet caused by fungus on the nails is characterized by lesions with yellow color or stripes to the sides. Sometimes the problem, we can say, a bright band is also the yellow or the dots in the middle of the nail.

The emergence of such a plan on a page by fungi also observed, but less pronounced. The most common mistake in this situation is to wait and hope until it was all over. This will not be more than running the problem, the longer and more difficult treatment will be.

Premature beginning is often the cause of severe allergies, weaken immune system and cause exacerbation of chronic diseases.

For the first time, such a nuisance not find many, if timely noticed, to effectively and quickly treat nail fungus on feet medication for the opinion that the pick up is quite real. It is recommended that at the slightest symptoms of fungus infection the first go get tested and then treated.

The necessary examinations before treatment

Development of onychomycosis can contribute to many diseases, including:

  • Diabetes, problems with the pituitary gland, and other endocrine disorders;
  • Neurology;
  • Physical illness;
  • Situations or causes circulatory problems in the legs.

In any case with a nail fungus situation could be completely individual and therefore is the best treatment to go to a specialist. On the basis of these factors, before treatment and to carry out some checks:

  • The general type of tests — blood and urine;
  • Biochemical blood analysis, including the determination of creatinine, ALT, etc;
  • Ultrasound for the kidneys;
  • Women are recommended with the relationship, as insurance to make the test check for pregnancy.

Budget of remedy for nail fungus on the feet with effective action at home to work to pick up then, if you correctly identified the type of pathogen.

Useful to the preparatory process for the treatment of

fungus treatment

All effective solution for nail fungus, should be encouraged to apply and will work much more efficiently, if you do a little preparation. Before the process of use of medicines, you will need to run:

  • To make soap-soda bath for nails: a basin filled with hot water (half and half, about 50 degrees Celsius) and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 50 g of soap (better to take the economic);
  • Hand or foot is dipped in the resulting solution for 15 minutes;
  • After taking the bath for hands or feet – you need to handle for clippers or nail file soft layers from the mold;
  • This treatment can be carried out before the complete re-growth of the nail in the normal state.

But if we are talking about the country, neglect – these trays can only play a supportive role. Also not the same utensils for manicure use in the processing of healthy and diseased nail plates. The average course of treatment is from 2 to 4 months.

Very of this disease, like many others, affected pregnant women, such as a weakened immune system, from stress on the body, so watch out here they need special care.


To find the best cure for nail fungus, in simple cases, the medical drugs is quite difficult, as is a wide selection of all kinds of ointments, creams, gels, drops, and varnishes. Apply on the affected area of the nail and surrounding tissue.

When the situation is more complicated and the disease is in its advanced form – the doctor should prescribe and pills considerably increases the chances for quick relief from fungus. For recurring and severe cases may require surgical intervention to remove the affected nail.

Treatment folk remedies for the home treatment against mold

To treat fungus on the feet and hands with the use of traditional methods is possible, but such treatment usually lasts a long time and is only suitable in the early stages. It is important that, even when visible signs of the fungal infection is gone, the treatment should not throw until, until you grow a new healthy nail plate.

Otherwise, the problems may return again. The benefits of folk methods to cure for nail fungus, cheap and without strong side effects, which may be of pharmaceutical products. One of the most popular and effective tools are considered:

  1. Iodine – used 2-3 times a day tends to slow down the development and spread of fungal microorganisms, which allows to achieve the progression of the disease for the aseptic action, which can be used at any stage (even when there are cracks and damage to the nail plate), but it gives the nail a yellow color, so the hand is not very convenient to use.
  2. Propolis is a great natural and effective solution, which is prepared from a tincture of alcohol for the type of treatment with the use of lotions for the nails with a cotton pad, wrap with cling film or bandage, a compress is kept for half an hour, a few times a day, but the important thing is that alcohol tinctures cannot be used in case of presence in the nail cracks, then just rubbed the propolis in its pure form in the nails.
  3. Vinegar (9%) – very frequent and cheap remedy for nail fungus on the feet, which is used for people in a variety of options in the form of trays (per 1 liter of water 2 tablespoons of vinegar for 10 minutes) or lotions (vinegar in the ratio of 50-50 with glycerin).
  4. Ointment garlic is the perfect cure for foot mushrooms, the garlic is cleaned from the husk, is passed through a press and adding the butter, 1, 1, grease is put on the deformed nail and wrap with polythene to 6 to 8 hours, can be treated in the nails from damage.
  5. Oak bark – has long been a popular recipe, from the fungus helps in the Supplement with the healing herb horsetail, calendula anti-inflammatory, as well as BlackBerry and verbena, decoction is used for lotions and even bath to the affected areas.

It is not recommended for unauthorized treatment by any means, and the folk especially in those cases where the surface of the nail shaft there are cracks, sores, and other serious injury. Soft excipients in such cases it can serve as a simple organic coffee (not instant), which is closed in the strong concentration of the bath (let it for half an hour). Coffee is a great antiseptic and revitalizing effects. It is recommended to do such a bath at least 2-3 months.

Most of the drugs folk and traditional medicine act in such a way that the lesion creates an unfavourable environment for the reproduction and dissemination of spores. The fungus is deprived of food sources and gradually die. May the presence of the spores are very resistant, so it is important not to stop treatment until complete healing.

In the mold is very tenacious and, in the case of a lack of treatment may again begin to spread. When the fight is carried out with fungi as the positive dynamics is not observed, you should immediately consult a doctor.

How have to treat

For such a widespread disease will not be amiss for all people who take care of their health, periodically preventive measures. Especially careful you have to be in the bath, swimming pools, gym and beach.

Although the beach can be heated by direct sunlight, but the fungus can survive strong heat up to 100 degrees and low temperature down to minus 60 degrees Celsius. On the beach of the fungus can be in a viable form months.

You should stick to very simple recommendations:

  • Move around the beach is best done in flip-flops (preferably in a more or less closed shoes);
  • In public showers and saunas to be closed Slippers (these are sold rubber), to protect against falls with the spores of fungi, which you can get on a healthy person;
  • Leg dry clean always (especially interdigital areas);
  • Don't wear shoes;
  • Change socks and tights every day.

Fungi are very uncomfortable sometimes an obligation, the chemicals used in the common areas. Are completely restricted to wet the soles. If someone in your family suffers from allergies, then you need to be very careful not to infect.

The bath should be thoroughly disinfected with cleaning chemicals and washed abundantly with hot water for washing the skin and nails of the scale, then cold in order to wash away all of the funds.


Sweating of the feet really adds to the risk of getting sick, so you have to use a special deodorant, talcum powder or other AIDS. This is good to use for feet treatment with hexamine (40% solution). Excessive dryness also need to clean the emollient and vitamin means.

Innovation in the fight against the fungus has become the treatment with the laser treatment, which can solve the situation in a progressive state.

It is very important to fight the problem in the initial stages, when the disease was recognized. Surgical treatment provides a fast and correct the problem, which otherwise may take a very long time.

One of the most dangerous to this question is a complications and waste products of fungi. They secrete a very toxic substance, poisonous organism. Can cause Lyell's syndrome, hepatopathy, and other serious problems. Much worse and overall quality of life, so to stand idly by fungal diseases, it is impossible.