Skin fungus feet treatments and causes

Athlete – the pathology of infectious origin that affects the top layer of the skin. The main causative agent of the disease are fungi from the genus epidermophytons.

Skin fungus feet treatments and causes

This disease is very contagious. This is due to the fact that neither the mycelium and spores of anthropophilic fungi, which are contained in the Horny layer of the skin and lots of it stand out on its surface. This simplifies the transition of the fungus in the environment. This characteristic of the infectious agents contribute to the unfavorable epidemiological situation. It is therefore important that you start treatment of this disease.

The main modes of infection


The main factor that contributes to the athlete's foot is the direct contact with pathogens on the human skin. Due to the fact that it is a favourable environment for the growth of colonies of pathogenic fungi, which are moisture and heat, their habitats are public spaces: baths, showers, common changing rooms. Also accumulate on the surface of the shoes, linens and items common items used by the infected person.

High probability of infection of an athlete there, when you visit a pedicure master. Unfortunately, these institutions often violate the rules of disinfection and sterilization of instruments and trays for preparation of appropriate cosmetic procedures.

Simultaneous use of household items, such as washcloths, towels, cosmetics, wearing Slippers, shared a bed often triggers infection, yeast infection.

One of the trigger factor was poor personal hygiene, excessive dirt on the feet, using dirty socks. Mismatched shoes, or from substandard materials and often wore dirty and wet footwear is guarantee to stop the infection by pathogenic fungi.

Skin fungus feet treatments and causes

It should be noted that there are factors that can contribute to a more rapid invasion of pathogenic micro-organisms in the skin:

  • The presence of disease and injury in the upper layers of the skin.
  • The weakened immune system.
  • The presence of chronic disease.
  • Obesity each level.
  • Beriberi.
  • Angiopathy.
  • Unbalanced diet.
  • Anatomical deformity of the feet.

Long-term treatment with antibacterial medications or tools that contribute to the reduction of the protective functions of the body.

Fungal microflora always present on the skin of a person, and in the air. Under the influence of precipitating factors and are aktiviziruyutsya their reproduction. The result is inflammation of the skin. Therefore, you should monitor themselves and reduce the risk of Contracting the fungus.

The skin fungus of the feet: the types of pathogens and the development phase mycosis

deleted form

In order to encourage the occurrence of fungal infections with various pathogenic agents. Most often the skin is exposed to stop the defeat of the following types of fungi:

  • Fungi of the genus Candida.
  • Trichophyton interdigitale.
  • Trichophyton rubrum.
  • Trichophyton mentagrophytes.

In medical practice there are several forms of mycoses, which are classified according to the localization of pathogens and signs of clinical manifestations.

Skin fungus feet treatments and causes

The main forms of severity:

  • Delete. In the initial stage of the disease. Surprisingly, the evidence is, this form of infection can not be observed. Easy to treatment, the main methods, one of which is the use of drugs of external use. When the manifestation of symptoms should immediately begin treatment.
  • Squamous-hyperkeratotic. Developing on the later period of the disease. It is a result of poor or untimely treatment of the erased forms of. It shows as a swelling of the affected areas and light discomfort.
  • Intertriginous form. In most cases the primary localization of this mycosis are interdigital space on the third, fourth and fifth fingers. In this stage of the disease modified the skin of the feet, and also violated their integrity.
  • Disgidroticheskaya. The most severe form of fungal infection on the skin of the feet. Occurs in the event of delayed treatment of the initial stages of this pathology. A distinctive feature of this shape is the presence of blisters on the affected areas, the treatment is carried out only with the methods of systemic therapy.
children's feet

In the presence of advanced forms of athlete's foot is an internal poison that affects the functioning of all body systems. Therefore, treatment of early forms of fungal growth will help to avoid any complications, occurrence of severe forms and relapses.

Symptoms of foot fungus

With a view to the timely detection of a fungal infection, you must regularly and thoroughly check the skin on your feet and draw attention to the expression of the interoceptive sensations.

Visible changes:

  • On the affected area and severe dryness or waterlogging. This is especially noticeable in the interdigital folds.
  • Change the color of the skin. In the places of localization of the fungus, the skin becomes colored with red, the intensity of which depends on the degree of development of the inflammatory process.
  • Violation of the integrity of the skin. In the initial phase of development, which occurs on the skin of dead skin particles of the epidermis in form of scales or plates. With the progression of the pathology of the cracks, the sores and rash in the form of numerous vesicles with turbid exudate.
  • Changes in the structure of the skin. The affected areas more densely due to the keratinization of the skin appear in corns and calluses. Depending on the form of the illness, which can form a seal, swelling of the skin.
  • Changes in the nail plate. In the deformed nail, changes in shape, color and structure. The nail plate is thickened, stratified and crumble. Depending on the shape of the fungal growth changes are observed, either in the small area of the nail, either throughout the area.

Interoceptive feelings:

In the area of localization of the fungus appear unpleasant sensations, itching or burning sensation.

A severe form of athlete's foot accompanied by pain when walking.

The degree of intensity of their manifestation depends on the type and stage of development of the fungal infection. Also a characteristic sign of the presence of a fungal infection is the presence of peculiar unpleasant smell.

In most cases the symptoms are manifested in a comprehensive way. But even if any of the characters, there is a possibility of fungus on the feet. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor, if you want to confirm or refute the suspected diagnosis.

The skin fungus of the foot: treatment and prevention

The success of the therapy depends on correct diagnosis and accurate identification of the type of the causative agent of athlete's foot. Regardless of the type and degree of fungal infection in the treatment uses an integrated approach. This is a combination of conservative therapy and traditional medicine.

Ointment foot fungus, cheap method of treatment ointment

Outpatient and inpatient treatment athlete's foot by using the following methods:

  • Treatment with medications. In the use of pharmaceutical drugs to eliminate a certain type of fungus. Among them are tools for narrow focus or broad spectrum. Comprehensive are selected according to the physiological status. Prescribing medications to the local and oral administration. The most effective medications in the fight against athlete's foot, are those whose structure contains antifungal and anti-inflammatory active substances.
  • Physiotherapy. When diagnosing foot fungus, apply the ozone therapy, balneotherapy, laser. They have anti-inflammatory effect, inhibits the development of pathogenic micro-organisms in the affected areas of the skin, relieve discomfort and stimulate skin regeneration.
  • An excellent assistant in the treatment of the skin fungus on the feet is an alternative medicine. This includes the use of various funds, having fungicidal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect on the affected fungal infection sites.

The main method of traditional medicine:

  • Herbs: special baths, which is based on herbs, tar, herbal tinctures, extracts, compresses aloe. Also, essential oils are used medicinal plants
  • Food: soda, salt, vinegar, propolis, Kombucha, onion, garlic, coffee.
  • Household chemicals: soap, washing powder, toilet soap based on oil and tar, concentrated disinfectant cleaner.

Athlete's foot: treatment and prevention of disease

Despite the variety of drugs used in the treatment of the disease to better prevent this occurring with the implementation of systematic prevention.

It is recommended:

  • Strict observance of rules of personal hygiene.
  • Proper and adequate nutrition.
  • To eliminate the risk of fungal infection.
  • Control the intensity of sweating of the lower extremities.
  • Shoes for everyday wear should be comfortable and made from natural materials.
  • Regular treatment with disinfectant shoes.
  • When you visit the pool and saunas, using personal or disposable shoes.
  • Other than contact with an infected fungus people and animals.

Watch out for their health and regular consultative examination by dermatologist will help to identify the development of athlete's foot. And this, in turn, will facilitate treatment and increase the efficiency of the therapy.