Treatment fungus nails toes: effective methods

About a quarter of people suffers from onychomycosis nail. The disease poorly responds to treatment and in most cases occur after the treatment. Pathogenic bacteria that promote the destruction of the nail plate, are everywhere: in the saunas, swimming pools, gym. This is due to the high risk for Contracting onychomycosis. Treatment of fungus on the big toe takes a lot of time and effort. Despite the fact that the infection is not life-threatening, because it brings a lot of problems, for the owner, therefore, therapy is still needed.

nail fungus toes

There are several factors that could serve as infection big toe fungus. Typically, people become infected after contact with pathogenic spores on the skin that are in contact with the surface of the objects, which already have the bacteria in public places. Contamination also occurs when using other people's towels, bath accessories, Slippers (shoes). The risk of getting onychomycosis the nail of the big toe increases with the following factors:

  • the presence of flat feet;
  • excessive sweating of the feet;
  • damage to the nail plate or skin, and in addition (so the infection is easier to penetrate into the body);
  • inappropriate hygiene of the feet;
  • the presence of a diaper rash;
  • depression of the immune system.
  • wearing tight/poor quality shoes.

Phase of fungal infection and their symptoms

Onychomycosis may occur as a result of human infection by different types of fungi. The disease is not lethal, but its danger is that toe fungus can go on adjacent nails, hands spread to the axillary, inguinal region. At first the man did not even notice the change, and after the nails begin to change color, becomes yellow or brown. Due to the sealing structure of the nail plate, wearing of the shoes starts to cause discomfort and pain. Development of onychomycosis doctors, divided into 3 stages:

  1. In the initial phase. On the nail of the great toe appear blotchy spots or stripes. In General, the feet look very healthy.
  2. In the second stage. The affected nail starts to lose its Shine, the color becomes deep yellow, the legs of unpleasant odor.
  3. Running form. The nail plate away from the skin, the loose structure, sometimes even sell. At this stage there is great risk of the infection of a loved one as the spores are actively distributed (dispersed) in the bathroom and in the floor of the home.

How to treat fungus on big toe

Prevention of the infection of a loved one is the main impetus likely to cure big toe nail fungus. The therapeutic process is time consuming and requires daily care of injured nail plate. Treatment of foot fungus is selected by the dermatologist, depending on the degree of the disease, its prevalence in the body, the individual characteristics of the patient. As a rule, began to onychomycosis on the great toe involves the use of internal and external resources.

Effective folk remedies for home treatment

toe nail fungus treatment

Popular funds of this type:

  1. Iodine. For the treatment of onychomycosis of the nail not the trays with iodine. Gaining in a bowl of hot water and add the alcohol, tincture of iodine (3 years 8 drops). Steam the affected nail plate, cut it with scissors, and the skin is wiped with hydrogen peroxide. After the procedure is to impose on the affected fungus nail bandage with antibacterial ointment. The procedure is carried out daily until recovery.
  2. Vinegar. Dilute in a bowl of water with vinegar 9% in the ratio of 2:1. Immerse in the liquid leg and wait about 15 minutes. After carefully excidetur and most of the peribit affected nails. In the initial phase of the onychomycosis this procedure is done in 2 weeks, every day, until full recovery of the nail.
  3. Lemon. Cut the citrus a small piece, apply to the affected nails, fix it with plaster, and at the top of the wrap with cling film. Or are these packs at night on a daily basis. In the morning mollita cut part of the nail plate.
  4. In the celandine. Fresh juice of the plant applied on the nails and the surrounding skin. Repeat the process every few hours for 2 weeks.
  5. Aspen bark. Chop 100 g ingredients ulcus in 500 ml of water and have a bath. Feet party not less than 10-15 minutes after the treatment of the impact of the fungus plates are a mixture of: 1 tsp. soap with 1 tsp. with the baking soda. After half an hour rinse mixture. Repeat the process every day, until the translation of the nail.
  6. Potato skin. Boil clean fresh water, mollire using the pestle, pre-draining of the liquid in a separate container. Pairs of legs in the resulting decoction, after use on damaged nails mashed peels for 15-20 minutes. Wash off the paste with warm water, lubricate the nail plate with pork fat and put on socks. Do the procedure every day until the recovery.
  7. Baths with sea salt. A tablespoon of unrefined salt dissolved in a litre of hot water. Adsurgere feet in this solution every day for 2 weeks.

Prevention methods

fungus on feet how to treat

To prevent disease, do the following:

  1. Avoid the humidity of the feet. Often to change socks, shoes.
  2. Generally do not wear Slippers, not shoes other people's shoes.
  3. Prefer free shoes from natural materials.
  4. Do not walk barefoot in public places (baths, fitness, sauna, etc).
  5. After the shower/bath of good to wipe the feet.
  6. If you have excessive sweating of the feet, use the special talc.