Treat foot fungus at home how to get rid of the disease

Almost all persons who are faced with a fungal infection, and know, to get rid of their very difficult. For the treatment of a disease, we need to spend a lot of time, effort and money, especially in the later stage of the disease. Think about this, how to treat fungus on feet at home, as soon as possible to forget about the disease.

What you need to know about the fungus

Fungus on the foot

Foot fungus is a contagious infectious disease that affects the skin and nails. Most often this disease affects adults and the elderly. The infection survives well in warm and humid places: in the baths, saunas, showers. May become infected when visiting public places barefoot when trying on shoes during a pedicure, if there is insufficient sterilization of instruments.

Athlete's foot develops when your immune system is weakened, and if you get the infection sores or cuts.

The fastest way to get rid of mildew – begin treatment when the first signs of the disease. To diagnose athlete's foot by itself is hard, especially in the initial phase. Usually, the infection does not show, then the itching, the smell from the feet, peeling and discoloration of the nail. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, immediately visit your dermatologist. He is, after visual inspection and analysis, will be able to confirm an accurate diagnosis and then prescribe a detailed treatment plan.

If you do not start to fight with the disease, it is possible to remain entirely without effect. In the initial phase, your doctor will prescribe medication and folk ways that you can use at home to treat fungal infections.

Medicines used to treat fungus

There are a variety of drugs to eliminate the fungal infection. Quickly cure your feet of the fungus is possible, with modern pharmacy means. Killing the causative agent of the disease, and prevent further spread of the infection. Medicines come in a variety of forms of release, depending on the localization of the fungus and size of the affected area, to select the therapeutic agent.

Before using the remedies for treatment of fungus, visit a doctor, who will tell you how to quickly get rid of foot fungus at home, depending on your condition and any possible contraindications.

Important! It is not desirable to self-heal, if the assets do not meet, can cause complications and the deterioration of the situation.

To make the fungus from the soles of the feet it is best to use the ointment on the skin between the toes is comfortable to use suspension, nail creams and varnishes. Think about the most popular medicines for the treatment of mycosis.

  1. Lamisil. The tool, which is produced in the form of ointments, spray or gel, the main active substance – terbinafine. Suitable for outdoor use. Careful use children, seniors, pregnant women and patients with diseases of the liver and kidneys. The product is applied 1-2 times per day, for the treatment of fungus.
  2. Loceryl. The most popular drug in the form of nail Polish. Eliminates nail fungus and restores their healthy color and luster, prevents reproduction of pathogenic micro-organisms. Due to the use of this medicine nails grow healthy and strong. The main operational component is amorolfine. The medicine is not recommended if you are hypersensitive during pregnancy and lactation. The treatment is carried out until the complete regrowth of a new nail that is used 1-2 times per week.
  3. Clotrimazole. The ointment destroys the cell structure of the fungus, which helps to get rid of mycosis of the feet in the shortest possible time. The drug is active against most pathogenic species of the disease. Ointment is not recommended in pregnancy and during lactation period, hypersensitive. Clotrimazole is used in the affected areas, 2-3 times daily for 2-4 weeks. After completing the course of therapy, it is desirable to continue the role for another 1-2 weeks to prevent recurrence.
Important! Pattern of drug use, depends on the type of infection and the depth of the injury. To overcome the fungal infection at an advanced stage, may require 9-12 months.

Traditional forms of treatment of foot fungus

Traditional recipes can help you to get rid of fungal infection in the initial stage of the disease. Many methods of treatment of foot fungus at home folk remedies that allow you to use common products that are easy to find in every home.

The main thing is to follow the recommendations for use and does not interrupt the therapy until it reaches a stable result.

Important! Before you use the ointment and compresses, your legs should be steamed from the salt or soda to the bath. It is necessary to add 1 l hot water 1 tbsp. salt and soda. Legs warm up 10-15 minutes, the treatment of the foot and toes with a pumice stone, and Polish with a soft nail file. Then continue the care.
Iodine Bath with iodine

Alcoholic solutions of iodine is a powerful antiseptic with strong antifungal activity. It destroys the protein structure, which consists of the causative agent of the mycosis.

Before using the recipes with iodine be sure to check, or an allergic reaction. A lot of people suffer from intolerance to this drug. The cure is not to be used for people with diseases of the thyroid.

Before bedtime, you can use the bath with iodine. If you want to do this, dissolve 3 tablespoons. of iodine in 5 litres of hot water, the support legs for 20 minutes and thoroughly wipe your feet with a towel. The treatment is carried out through the day.

A mixture of alcohol and iodine in equal proportions, the resulting liquid apply only to the affected area, the solution hit on healthy tissue can cause burns on the epidermis. Treat your feet for 5-10 days before bedtime.

Hydrogen peroxide

The product is known for its antiseptic properties and ability to soften fabrics. This is used in many applications, including for the fight against the fungal infection.

Bath with hydrogen peroxide against nail fungus. Pour in 2 litres of warm water with 100 ml of peroxide, pars feet for 15-20 minutes, then wipe clean and dry the skin with a pumice stone or brush, nails, trim.

Uses a 3% solution of peroxide on the bandage, a gauze and apply 30-40 minutes, the damaged area. The procedure should be repeated twice a day.


Mycosis is a protein structure, so afraid of deviation from the normal levels of acidity. Acetic acid destroys the cells of the pathogen, thereby to remove fungus on your feet.

For the treatment with 9% apple cider vinegar diluted with water in equal shares. Wet socks or cotton pad (depending on the size of the affected area) and to put on or attach to the legs. The poultice is kept for 20 minutes, repeat the procedure twice a day for 10 days.

A blend of 70% vinegar and vegetable oil in equal proportions. RUB the resulting mass daily for a month or until full recovery.

Pour 1 egg, 30 g of water and vinegar, mix well. Lubricate the affected areas of the leg this means in one day to eliminate the symptoms of fungus.

The product should be used with caution: before use on healthy skin areas is recommended to apply oily cream to protect the skin from burns.


Herbs that help to get rid of many diseases, including skin. Home remedy for fungus with celandine effective elimination of the disease in an early stage of development and will be an effective therapy for removing the chronic form of athlete's foot. Toxic plant, inhibits the activity of the pathogen of the disease, resulting in mycotic cells die. In folk recipes used the flowers and leaves of celandine.

The stem is celandine

For cracks, damage and rash apply fresh juice of celandine. Eliminates the infection and speed up the process of recovery. Treatment of the foot every three days to completely get rid of the symptoms of the disease.

Dried celandine pour a glass of boiling water and leave on low flame for 10 minutes. Pour the resulting liquid into a container and drop there legs to soar for 20 minutes. This bath softens the skin and alleviates swelling.

Thoroughly mix the dry celandine and butter, tea in the form of guest. Apply the resulting paste on the affected area of the feet and fix it with the bandage. Compresses do before going to bed. The next morning the feet washed with warm water.

Fungal infection – the most common form of the disease, she is facing about 20% of the population. Get rid of the disease, which is not so easy, but with proper therapy is possible. Treatment of foot fungus in the home, which is the most effective in the initial phase of the development of the disease. There are numerous ways to eliminate athlete's foot at home: pharmaceutical preparations and folk recipes. At the beginning of the treatment, it is best only after consultation with the doctor, he will help you choose the most effective treatment.