How to cure fungus nail at home

Nail fungus – the phenomenon is very unpleasant. To become infected, especially in the summer months, it can be anywhere. But the fight often takes a lot of time. A quarter of the population of our country, the real statistics, which suffers from this scourge. We'll talk about how to cure fungus nail at home with iodine and other ways.

Most often, the fungus is transmitted between family members. If one person in the family picks up somewhere of this disease, with time, it may appear to all. Requires immediate and appropriate treatment at home.

Of course, the resources for treatment are sold in any drugstore. They can be local (ointments, creams) and systemic (pills, injections). However, a lot of pharmacy agents are expensive. So don't forget to is a popular home treatment, the effectiveness of which has already checked more than one generation of people.

Treat fungus on feet at home folk methods

Many folk remedies have various side effects. Some of the ingredients, the unpleasant odor of, the other, you can change the color of your fingers. So, by practicing a popular treatment, it is not necessary for planning business trips or trips to visit.

A solution of iodine

This is the query, how to cure nail fungus at home in iodine, is one of the most popular. So you can start with it. Alcoholic solutions of iodine will really help you with this disease. After all, it is disinfectant and antiseptic.

With his help destroy the fungus is very simple. You need to use iodine every day, apply the solution on the affected areas of the foot. But not all types of fungus are destroyed by the action of iodine. You should also know about any allergic reactions, individual intolerance.

Before using iodine to combat nail fungus and finger need to check the tolerability of the substance. Solution drop by drop on the inner arm above the palm of your hand and wait for half an hour, not whether there will be any rash, redness, itching .

How to treat iodine

To treat foot fungus at home of iodine, you need only a drop of solution is applied on the affected areas twice a day. Handle with a cotton swab or regular cotton. It is best to drip directly on the nail plate.

Iodine will stain nails and skin yellow, is quite noticeable. Keep this in mind, the aim of active treatment before the holiday, going to the pool or sauna.

Prevent the need to treat those areas of the foot, close to the immediate site of injury. It would only take one drop.

The second method of treatment is baths with iodine for leg. In a bowl of warm water, pour half of the bottle and ten minutes to soak the feet. Then the affected areas can be reduced without causing damage to the skin. Treat the area with hydrogen peroxide and a bandage with antibacterial ointment.

Iodine can be mixed with Apple cider vinegar. Such a solution is suitable for treatment of the feet, morning and evening. Enough to do normal cleaning, treatment which shall not be more than two weeks.

When waiting for the effect

If the treatment had an effect on fungus, which has hit the foot, will be noticeable after one week. Perhaps, the treated area will itch, burn. With a strong unpleasant sensations frequency of treatment should be reduced to once every two days. But the itching and burning sensation we are talking about the destruction process of the disease.

The total time for treatment is from three weeks to several months. As quickly treat fungus at home, we have already written.

There is no rule to follow during home treatment with iodine:

  • for the use of individual hygiene;
  • do not walk in baths and saunas;
  • to opt out of the beach, swimming pools;
  • do not perform a pedicure;
  • every day change socks;
  • wipe your feet dry after each washing of the feet;
  • allowed remittit in the dust.

Other variants of national treatment,

In addition to the treatment with iodine, it is possible to use other people's tools for the destruction of the fungus on the nails. Consider the most effective.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a good antibacterial agent. Before applying for a greater impact of your feet steam in a soda solution (2 tsp of baking soda to 2 liters of water). On its basis, it has developed many recipes for the treatment of fungus:

  • lotion (the nail to put a few drops of peroxide, and apply it to the moistened sponge to the affected area for 1 hour, the procedure is carried out 2 times a day);
  • baths (4 tbsp peroxide, diluted in 2 l of water, the lower leg or arm, hold for 2 hours, the procedure was carried out in the morning and before bedtime).

Birch tar against nail fungus

You can use 10-30% ointment, which will help to get rid of the fungus. Sometimes tar get on your own. On the medicinal properties, it is known already long ago. For this chugunok is a hole in which is inserted a metal chute. You will need to put in chugunok bark in the gutter will be collected tar, which is suitable for the treatment.


Fungus on the nails can be removed with vinegar. In equal proportions a mixture of 70% acetic acid, and glycerol, pour into a convenient bottle, shake before use. To lubricate the affected nail 3 times a day, about the course of treatment is 3 weeks.

nail fungus treatment at home

There is a simple anti-fungal remedy is the bath with the addition of apple Cider vinegar, which should be done every day before bedtime.

On the basis of apple cider vinegar could compress:

  • mix vegetable oil with vinegar in the ratio of 1:1;
  • gauze, moistened or sterile bandage in the solution and apply on the diseased nail;
  • wear 4 hours a day until complete recovery.


Dry shredded celandine, mix with alcohol, tincture of iodine, to obtain a homogeneous mass. The resulting mixture is applied to the diseased nail, wrap with cellophane and secured with a bandage. Compress leave for 20 minutes. After that, when it is time to remove the treatment of the mass with a cotton cloth. After the procedure is not recommended for wet nail for two hours. The approximate course of treatment — a week.


Effective antifungal method with ammonia. 1 tbsp. alcohol, dissolve in 200 ml of water, prepared in the solution to moisten the gauze pad, apply on the affected nail, wrap with plastic and secure with bandage. If the patient is a nail on the toes, put on socks. The procedure was carried out three times per week, until disappearance of the fungus.

The leaves of the ash from the nail fungus

It is important that the Rowan leaves are fresh and young. You need to collect them in an ecologically clean area, grind until mushy state. To make compresses on the affected areas, leave on overnight.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil can cause irritation, so you need to use it very carefully. There are several ways to use the oils, the simplest is:

  • drip on nail concentrated oil and slowly rub it with a cotton cloth (be careful not to damage the skin around the nail);
  • then the nail plate to seal the plaster and hold for seven hours, the procedure was carried out for three months 2 times a day.

If a recipe is described it is an uncomfortable feeling, mix tea tree oil with olive.

nail fungus on feet at home treatment


An effective remedy for fungus on nails is a recipe based on a lemon. Citrus, cut into slices and apply to the sore areas of the nail, wrap in cling film, then fixed with a bandage. The treatment to ten days. This method will help you to restore the nail plate healthy at any stage of the disease.

Nail propolis

Against foot fungus, you can make tampons with propolis. Use propolis tincture or its extract. If you want to use this tool permitted each day. In addition to the main effect, propolis promotes the growth of the nail plate. This means that it will be faster to leave.

Chronic fungus threatens the loss of the nail, so the disease needs to be treated at an early stage. If the nail plate has become thick, loose and peeling, then therapy is delayed. Effective against chronic fungus:

  • the skin around the nail to lubricate with a nourishing cream to the affected area of the use of peroxide Kombucha, polyethylene wrap and fix with a bandage, in the morning remove the bandage, the procedure was performed several times;
  • in a solution of potassium permanganate to steam the legs, cook polentam a mixture of propolis and alcohol, apply on the nail and fix it with the bandage, carry out the procedure every other day until complete recovery.