Proper treatment of foot fungus at home

A lot of skin diseases is in nature and the most common is athlete's foot. This can be in people with a compromised immune system, problems with blood circulation, the elderly, and those who wear tight shoes. Going to the doctor, the patient undergoes certain diagnostic measures with microscopic analysis. How to treat foot fungus at home, you can learn in this article.


What is fungus and how it looks, what you need to know

Diseases of the skin – the fungus can manifest itself in people of different age and sex, can cause such bacteria:

  • Candida Albicans – candidiasis, which can be found in the female half of the society;
  • Trichophyton Interdigitale – this bacterium finds its place between the toes and then moves on the the whole foot, slowly;
  • Trichophyton Rubrum – the easy and fast effect on the skin and nails of the feet;
  • Trichophyton Mentagrophytes – athlete's foot causes the skin across the foot.

Regardless of the stage of the fungus feet are the mechanism of development is the same – first, a disease that affects the skin between the fingers, then gradually even the foot, it is logical that this process is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Anti fungus selected in each individual case.

It should be noted that the disease affects three sites on the foot, and those who are exposed to the maximum load.

It is important to remember to treat foot fungus at home it is possible not only herbs and plants, as well as medications from the medicine Cabinet. However, the treatment folk remedies foot fungus at least as effective, and is worth knowing.

There are several specific symptoms that can identify this nasty disease

  • The first thing the patient notices the small cracks between the fingers (the place where the fungus begins to develop);
  • Dry skin is constantly itching and itching;
  • Slowly, the foot becomes rigid and its color is changing, it is also possible the formation of bubbles with the liquid;
  • The foot is affected gradually, over a period of time.

To catch this disease in different places, where there is large concentration of people, such as: swimming pool, beauty salon, sauna, shoe worn by other people, and so on. What is important to understand is the fact that in the destruction of the feet fungus the immune system is weakened and it is possible that the patient will obviously such serious diseases as diabetes, HIV, raynaud's disease, and many others.

The visit to the doctor, you of course will prescribe the medicinal products: ointments, sprays, lotions, and can also offer to take the pills inside to kill the infection that triggered this disease. Fungus treatment can be done in other ways, such as traditional medicine.

Treat fungus at home, what to do

It is logical that people pull to the last to their illness, but not in a real nightmare, and then think about how to cure foot fungus at home, making it fast and affordable. Traditional medicine has its good points, because all the components used in the recipes, exclusively natural origin, which is a big plus.

Fungus treatment on legs folk remedies, which enables you to quickly get rid of the unpleasant odor and bothersome itching that spoil life. All the recipes are time proven and will really help to cope with the disease. However, it should be borne in mind that, before you begin to use known methods of treatment of folk ways, please consult with your doctor. As you may be that you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

There are a few effective recipes that will really help to cope with this disease:

  • A solution of potassium permanganate familiar to us. This is the potassium permanganate will kill the existing infection. If you want to do this before going to bed only rasparte feet in warm water and wrap with gauze, which must be pre-wetted with potassium permanganate;
  • The manner in which the use of iodine. Just enough to smear on the affected area, two times a day (iodine 5%). But this is not the only way. Read more about what other ways you can treat the fungus with iodine, see here;
  • Copper sulfate from fungus on the feet. A great option that will help you to quickly cope with the disease, if you want to do this, 1 teaspoon of vitriol to throw in the pan and fry until white. Then mix a teaspoon of goose fat with a spoon sulfur (yellow). So you get the medicine in the form of ointments, which should be applied to the stack, but only in heated version. This is a very fast absorbing, but ointments can burn if used in large quantities. Making this ointment, it is important to remember the rule – observance of the dimensions. On the other recipes and contraindications this treatment you can read in this article.

Foot fungus treatment folk remedies can be from products that you can find right in your refrigerator:

  1. Vinegar. A good and powerful remedy for foot fungus. The use of different types of vinegar (wine, Apple, simple), but it is best to use a regular 9% vinegar. It is important that the solution with water 1: 8, and dipped in water with vinegar leg (affected). But before that you need to steam the feet in warm water and to clean the nail. Repeat this process 7 times a day for two days.
  2. Another affordable and high-quality remedy for a fungus is a product based on baking soda. You need to make a paste out of baking soda. To affected areas apply the product and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Also good are the salt and soda in the ratio of 1:1. After the application of such a guest should wash the feet with water and sprinkle baby powder.

Folk remedies for athlete's foot-based foods are considered high quality and used:

  • Garlic from fungus on your feet will help you deal even with the most advanced stage of the disease. Just cut the clove in half, RUB with salt and RUB on your feet. Or a mixture of garlic and butter, also apply to your feet.
  • Folk remedy for fungus on the basis of coffee is a simple but valid prescription. The bath-based hard boiled coffee, but only natural. The skin will become soft and tender. Not only at night.
  • Treatment folk remedies for athlete's foot with the use of chicken eggs is also a city. Take the egg and put it in a jar of vinegar, put in a dark place, where it should dissolve completely. Remove the tape and mix it with a teaspoon of butter. Before applying the ointment rasparte feet. This is one of the best ways to cure foot fungus at home.

Treatment at home herbal will relieve itching to remove the infections. There are a lot of recipes, but only some, is regarded as the best:

  1. The infusion of the fungus on the feet is used for the treatment of the first year. You need 4 tablespoons of herbs to 1 litre of water. Immediately after the boil, leave to stand for 5 minutes, then drain. The infusion of the fungus on the feet is used as a bath. Lower the leg half an hour for three weeks. Treatment of foot fungus celandine can be used in the form of guest. Grass should be added to the vinegar, 2 tablespoons should be Done compresses.
  2. Folk remedy for foot fungus-based concoctions, that uses mugwort, burdock, and plantain. All these herbs are mixed and the volume of one teaspoon, pour a glass of boiling water, insist 9 hours. This decoction to drink inside, that would kill the infection.
  3. Treatment with the use of calendula flowers available to all. If you want to do this: 250 grams of flowers pour a glass of boiling water, and after that insist about half an hour. Lubricate the damaged foot, but do not wipe, to dry on its own. The course of treatment is from 3 to 5 weeks.


How to treat foot fungus at home, I believe that many, but not all know that the treatment of these diseases can be washing powder. As the disease develops only in acidic medium, powder topical here, because it is alkaline. In order to get rid of this unpleasant disease, you need each day to take a bath with the addition of 100 g of washing powder. Course of such treatment – 3-5 days.

Alternatively, how to get rid of foot fungus is to smear the affected areas with glue BF. This is a serious and bold move. Just enough to lubricate the damaged areas. This should be done only once per day for one week.

Well-known medication in the form of ointments, pills, creams, compacts are the place, but not everyone fits this traditional treatment. Many remain adherents of traditional medicine and know what is best to use recipes from my grandmother's old books. Manufacturers of medicinal products to offer high-quality treatment, but what to choose between the traditional medicine and another way to decide exclusively to the patient. For effective treatment may be an option.

When fungal disease is cured, you should take certain preventive measures

  • For monitoring the hygiene of the feet;
  • Wear very comfortable shoes.
  • Wear cotton socks in the summer months;
  • If a sweaty foot, apply the antiperspirant to the feet;
  • If you want to follow the diet;
  • Try not to visit places in which there is a risk of infection.