How to treat fungus on your feet? Opinion!

nail fungus The main causes for nail fungus on the feet is well known to all, but most are sure that this annoyance is on the Blowjob. But only up to the time of infection. What happens more often than you think. This disease occurs due to exposure to mold and yeast. Harmful bacteria multiply rapidly, so nails la faba vescerentur, crack, get fat and eventually destroy. A special role in the development of the fungus on the feet play a excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), metabolism disorder, the presence of diabetic disease, AIDS, obesity, decrease immune protection in patients who receive antibiotics or oral contraceptives. To prevent on your feet, this unpleasant disease, it is important to follow some rules:
  • do not walk barefoot in public areas;
  • do not use someone else or secundus-manus calceamentorum;
  • clean once every quarter bath disinfectants;
  • use anti-fungal aerosols;
  • the hygiene of the feet;
  • keep your feet warm and dry.
Using public transport, driving to the store, swimming in the pool, walking barefoot on the beach, jumping on a trampoline and doing a lot of other entertainment or casual Affairs – we are at risk to become infected with the fungus. The legs are least protected from the disease, such as end-to-end contact with the environment.

Symptoms of fungal infections of the nail

In the initial phase of hitting the nail fungus on toes hardly noticeable and does not bother them (see the picture). Then there are typical simptomygribkovogo defeat:
  • the surface of the nail plates on the feet gets unpleasant cloudy look;
  • the nail plate begins, peeled, separated from the nail bed;
  • bad nail loses its original shape, crasso and getting untidy;
  • between the fingers, which gradually develop cracks;a person who starts to feel pain in the region of the damaged fingernail;
  • the skin on the legs begins to peel off;
  • there is itching between the fingers.
For the treatment of nail fungus is necessary, preferably in the initial phase. In this case you can do only external preparations: ointments, varnishes and folk remedies. In more advanced forms need taking antifungal pills, in case, to quickly get rid of the foot fungus will not work. Prevention


The rules that must be followed to avoid:
  1. The use of specific cosmetic products for foot care. In the talcum powder will help to reduce excessive sweating of the feet, and the moisturizer will prevent dryness and cracking. After washing, wipe your feet carefully, especially between the fingers.
  2. Be sure to wear shoes in locker rooms, saunas, public WC in the pool.
  3. Follow personal hygiene in the family. If the fungus picked up someone from your family members, be very careful and regular disinfection of the bath, washcloths, sponges and clothing.
Regardless of the method of fungus treatment, you need treatment footwear, underwear, floors, objects for the care of skin and nails, blankets in the room and the bathroom, etc This can be achieved by boiling, vinegar, Ironing. In footwear, you can put formalin, pre-placing in the bag.

What is dangerous INCURATUS onychomycosis?

In addition to the unpleasant external manifestations of the disease, the fungus, is a pathogenic microbe that causes all the human body:
  • Timely INCURATUS nail fungus opens doors for other infections.
  • In addition, mold can act as an allergen, and eventually cause a hypersensitivity to nail fungus how the allergen.
  • Onychomycosis complicates the course of many diseases, such as diabetes.
  • In particularly severe cases, on the background of prolonged disease or reduced immunity, fungal infections can cause deep mycosis – fungus penetration to the internal organs via the blood.
To avoid complications, you will need to quickly seek treatment if you experience the first signs of fungal nail.

How to get rid of fungus on toe nail?

Drugs used for the treatment of a nail affect the fungus, which is represented by the two groups.
  1. The first group is local. This group includes the therapeutic varnishes and plasters effect of the scrub, ointments and creams, gels. Most drugs for external use are only effective in the early stages of the disease.
  2. The second group represents the systemic medications are antifungals that pereralno. This is usually a capsule or tablet, which provides a depressing effect on the fungus. They block the spread of mycosis are Suscepit impact, as they significantly reduce the possibility of re-emergence of the disease.
But given that medicinal products for the treatment of onychomycosis, are very toxic and often cause side effects, the clinical picture in patients with lesions with a fungus of the skin and nail plates on the feet are always strictly individual, so it is best to answer the question, what can treat fungus on the feet experienced.

Nail fungus treatment

The disease will not go away, the fungus is very duri. Gradually in the process of developing the fungus attacks all parts of the nail, destroy it completely, after which it begins to infect other nails and often skin.
Only recently the disease was considered incurable. However, currently for the treatment of nail fungus on your feet with the help of an antifungal drug, has proven to be very successful. But, treatment is complex and requires a comprehensive and systematic campaign. Depending on the degree of contamination it may take from 2-3 weeks to several months.
In the following, we will look at different ways of how you can quickly cure fungus on the feet.

Antifungal pills

If the disease is already running, or develops very quickly, the affected area is extensive, no systemic antifungals are not enough. Pills nail fungus is a huge number and would have called a specialist to choose the medicine that is based on reviews of successful treatment is not always correct. It is important to know that these drugs have several contraindications. Reviews If proper and timely treatment of fungal disease, the symptoms gradually disappear, and the affected fungus nail tissue is replaced by healthy. Fully to ensure that the disease is finally defeated and the treatment can be done, it is necessary to conduct laboratory research.

Laser therapy

If the runs form of the fungus is not cured with medicine, can be used laser therapy.
  1. Laser fungus treatment is one of the most effective ways how to get rid of this disease.
  2. Under the influence of ray cells of the fungus die immediately.
  3. The laser beam does not harm the surrounding tissues.
  4. Running form of the fungus can be cured in just four treatments with the laser therapy.
Having made the decision, and treated with the laser in parallel, it is also important to take all the necessary pills and vitamins.

Treat nail fungus at home

In the initial stage of the disease at home, you can try to take advantage of the proven folk remedies.
  1. The Apple cider vinegar. Just soak your feet 1-2 times a day, in a mixture of Apple cider vinegar and warm water (1 to 1) for about 15-20 minutes. After soaking, let the nail dry completely (you can use hairdryer). And for about two weeks you will notice that the fungus goes away, and the place of the old damaged nail grows beautiful and new.
  2. Tea tree oil for the lubrication of the skin and nails are affected with fungus, three times a day. A single dose ranges from 4 to 10 drops of the products. This treatment must continue for at least two weeks, and even more, be sure to the infection, the more you get back. This oil cannot be used for children and pregnant women.
  3. portans ramum celandine mince, and from the pulp squeeze the juice (not through the 3-4 layers of gauze). Should go approximately 200 ml of juice. This is combined with 200 ml. 70% alcohol and insist 24 hours. Cook the juice used to lubricate the affected nails, but the treatment is carried out only after 10 minutes of steaming legs and dry completely. The course of treatment is 10-12 days, 3-4 times a day.
  4. Another way to eliminate nail fungus treatment at home iodine. It is very simple. In three weeks the nail plate is covered by a day with iodine. While crescere tip of the damaged nail is removed regularly.
  5. To combat the fungus will also help Kombucha. For this treatment not packs: plate Kombucha wrapped in cellophane and bandage sertis inpedienda feet, then wear socks. In the morning wash your feet with warm water, dead areas and carefully remove the grease with iodine. During the side effects noticed pretty severe pain, but it is a lot faster to achieve the desired result.
If the folk remedies, which are not depending on the result — it is necessary to turn to experts for assignment of a combination therapy.