Treat fungus on feet at home

Symptoms of fungal infection

  1. Itching, redness and a burning sensation in the interdigital intervals. The affection spreads to the soles.
  2. Dryness, skin peeling and irritation throughout the sole, starting with several disturbing cracks and spreading across the foot. Sometimes the fungus invades and outer side of the foot.
  3. Small itchy blisters filled with fluid appear when vesiculosum form suddenly and are often located on the sole and between the toes.

Treatment of athlete's foot folk remedies

The skin has a slightly acid reaction, so the fungi that exist everywhere, unable to penetrate the healthy epidermis. A weak immune system, constant humidity and heat weaken the protection, making the skin of the foot are vulnerable for the penetration of Microsporum. Treatment with drugs is expensive, not always effective. In the treatment of skin fungus of the feet, between the toes to help can come from time-tested folk remedies that can easily be used at home. stop</1_img>

Treatment with iodine

Iodine is not only antiseptic, but also a strong halogen contributing to the folding of proteins. Because fungi are composed of proteins, the iodine effectively destroys them, eliminating all symptoms of the disease. It is important to remember that:
  • many people have allergies and intolerance to iodine
  • the solution helps only in the early stages of the disease, as it applies only on the superficial layer of the skin
  • iodine solution can burn the skin of the interdigital spaces and foot arch

Before treatment it is necessary to test for the tolerance of iodine, to get wet one drop of the elbow. If the day does not identify any reaction, you can begin treatment.

Alcoholic solution of iodine is very concentrated, so before treatment it is necessary to dilute it in a ratio of 1:1 rubbing alcohol. After a warm foot bath foot dry wipe, and the diluted solution was applied to the infected areas with a brush or cotton swab. Most convenient to do this procedure at night, the effect lasts for at least a week. Treatment with iodine is recommended to combine with other means.

Treatment with hydrogen peroxide

As the hydrogen peroxide is not only an excellent antiseptic, but also a natural regulator of all metabolic processes of the organism, its use in the treatment of fungal skin diseases is justified.

For the procedure need to be purchased at the pharmacy 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and do a ten-minute application on clean steamed skin of the feet. For this purpose the peroxide is poured on a cotton pad and place on the affected with fungus. After the procedure the skin is wiped with a paper towel. To obtain good result of an application made daily, morning and evening for five days.

Treatment with celandine

Celandine is a medicinal plant that is famous for its properties to treat any disease, and skin lesions. This obliged celandine alkaloids and saponins, which are contained in its juice. Folk medicine offers different recipes baths, infusions and decoctions of the plant for the destruction of skin fungi. A great tool is the juice of the fresh plant. For the greatest effect in the treatment of fungal infections of the foot it is recommended to combine the bath with a decoction of herbs celandine and treatment of the affected places juice of fresh stems.


For bath taken dried or fresh herb plants, at the rate of 100 grams of dry or 500 grams of fresh herb to one liter of water, pour boiling water and infused for about an hour. This infusion before taking the bath is diluted with hot water in a 1:1 ratio. The duration of the bath – half an hour, do it before bed for ten days daily.

After the bath his feet dry wipe, clean off dead skin and smear the infected places with fresh juice of the plant. Morning the procedure is repeated.

Treatment Apple cider vinegar

Fungi do not tolerate an acidic environment, so the use of Apple cider vinegar as destroying the fungal infection can be effectively in the early stages of the disease when the fungus is not entrenched deeply in the epidermis. Vinegar takes 9%, organic substances contained in it, help to eliminate the pathological education. It is used mainly in the form of applications, and healthy skin it is advisable not to expose to acid. To do this, after bath a healthy place grease with children's cream, and put on a foot thick socks soaked in vinegar. If the area of damage is small, then use cotton or gauze disks.

Course duration ten days, apply twice per day. Do not rinse.

The soda treatment

Ordinary baking soda has a soothing and disinfectant properties, so it in its pure form is used to treat fungal infections of the skin rarely. But in a mixture with salt or soap it gives very good results.

  1. Baths with soda and sea salt have the effect of sea water disinfecting and restoring the epidermis, and if you add to the mix and even twenty drops of iodine, the effect will be more complete. To have enough three tablespoons of baking soda and the same of salt dissolved in two liters of hot water. Soak feet in this mixture two times a day, then rinse with clean water and wipe dry. After a night of rinsing baths are not necessary. Course duration – five days.
  2. For baths with baking soda and soap, take half of a standard piece of brown soap, plane it in hot water and add a quarter of a pack of soda. The volume of water should not exceed three liters. The duration of the bath ten minutes after her legs rinse and wipe. Such procedures allow to get rid of skin fungus stop for a week, provided that we address the conditions causing fungal infections again.

Treatment vinegar

Conventional acetic acid dangerous for the integrity of the skin, so 9% vinegar to use in mixture with carrot juice. Carrots contains carotene and volatile, healing the skin, and the vinegar will eliminate foci localization fungi.

For treating fungus on the feet use of an application with a solution of one spoon of fresh carrot juice and vinegar. The duration is at least fifteen minutes before the procedure, be sure to make a bath to soften rough skin of your feet and to open access of drugs to the colonies of fungi.

Treatment of folk remedies fungal infections of the feet and interdigital spaces safely and efficiently, with careful and scrupulous observance of the instructions. To neglect them is not desirable, because you can get sunburned skin or long-term pass dermatosis. Children folk remedies to use in order not to get an allergic reaction. abloc</5_img>