How nail fungus at an early stage and how to treat?

Onychomycosis or nail fungus is one of the most common and insidious disease that must be treated, that do not cause complications. This disease affects the nail plate on the hands or feet, and then in the vicinity of the area of the skin. The affected area is unattractive and perceived as a serious aesthetic problem that can cause a lot of complexes. In addition, the disease progresses, the body will suffer due to the toxins that the fungal microflora secretes in your life. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to identify nail fungus at an early stage.

Nail fungus at early stage — sources of infection

Nail fungus in the initial stages has practically asymptomatic, this is his main danger. Fungal spores are always present in the environment, which are able to survive on the surface of the soil, even at sub-zero temperatures. Especially favorable is a warm and damp microclimate, in which they multiply at an incredible speed.

Such an environment is created in numerous public places with a large number of participants (in the sauna, steam bath, swimming pool, Park, gym). And if it seems a person infected with fungus on the surrounding of the surface (lattice shower, shoes, etc) are microscopic flakes of skin affects of the fungus. In the result of fungal spores to quickly find a new host.

Tract infection, a yeast infection much. Danger lurks everywhere, because all that is necessary for the reproduction of the fungus is microscopic flakes of skin and nail that is distributing a person with onychomycosis. It is enough just to walk barefoot, to wear other people's Slippers, to use a common towel or just hold the handrail on public transport.

The infection is just taking root in the body when its defenses are weakened, and damage to the skin (abrasions, cuts, blisters). Lovers of bath procedures, you need to know, that is the most dangerous are the wooden benches, floors and other household objects from this natural material. The fact that wood has a porous structure and also thorough disinfection failed to completely remove the mycelium of the fungus.

the deformation of the nail

The reasons that lead to infection

That fungus can penetrate into the body and begins its destructive activities, but needs some conditions. It is known that yeast infection affects more of the elderly and patients with reduced resistance. In addition to contributing to the infection after the predisposing factors:

  • Violation of the rules of personal hygiene.
  • Skin lesions (abrasions, scratches, scratches), through which the spores can easily penetrate into the body.
  • Continuous contact with water or chemicals and detergents, causing the skin on the fingers becomes dry and easily damaged.
  • Wearing synthetic and tight, uncomfortable shoes made of synthetic materials. Such clothing and footwear do not allow the skin to breath, causing excessive sweating and creating a warm and moist environment, favorable for the reproduction of fungi.
  • Disturbances in the endocrine and immune system;
  • Chronic diseases (diabetes, obesity, metabolic disorders, pathology of the digestive tract, venous insufficiency).
  • Taking certain medications (antibiotics, hormonal agents and cytotoxic drugs).
  • A professional factor. Fungal infections often affect the representatives of the professions associated with the customer services (hairdressers, massage therapists, cashiers, the employees of the baths and saunas).
  • Climate characteristics of the area. Those who are in the greatest danger are residents of areas with a hot climate and high humidity, as it is perfect conditions for reproduction of pathogens.
  • The age factor in. Most often a fungal nail is diagnosed in people of advanced age and this is due to the fact that with age, slowing the growth of the nail plate and the poorer its nutrients.

A number of studies and the inexorable statistics show that every lived 10 years of life increases the risk of Contracting the fungal infection in 2 times.

The mechanism of infection

When spores of the fungus penetrates the skin through the affected area begins the development of the infection. After contact with spores of the fungus in the skin of the passes in a certain period of incubation, which lasts very long. This time is required for the fungus to start multiplying. The fungus takes root, where the nutrient medium under the plate, the nails and the skin on the legs. Today there are about 50 varieties of fungus, can lead to the defeat of the nail plate, but the main share still accounts for the group of dermatomycetes.

The pathological process of onychomycosis localized not on the nails, and under his plate, in the bed of the nail. As the penetration of the fungus into the tissues develops hyperkeratosis, which contributes to the separation of the nail plate and its slow destruction.

In order to identify the occurrence of diseases, you need to know, how is the initial stage of nail fungus. Because without correct and effective treatment of onychomycosis, the disease will still progress and can be accompanied by a person who whole life.

Symptoms of the initial stages of onychomycosis

Nail fungus is caused by fungus parasites, which begins to destroy healthy tissue after only a few days after infection. To eliminate these unpleasant situations, if only timely measures. Otherwise it will be the progressive destruction and separation of the nail plate, which can result in complete loss of the nail and other unpleasant complications.

As a result of the disease of the affected nail is going to look quite specifically, which you can see in the picture the initial stage of nail fungus. It thickens, changes color and shape over time, it will be possible to cut with conventional nail scissors.

Depending on the type of fungus symptoms may be different, but there are some signs which are common to all varieties:

  • clouding of the nail plate, the itching in the affected area, – such feelings, especially hinder the implementation of the routine Affairs;
  • between the fingers of the hands and feet redness and irritation of the skin;
  • clouding of the nail plate, disappearance of a healthy glow;
  • between the nail bed and a gap;
  • the colour change of the nail, it is pale pink in colour, yellowish-grey, brown and even black color;
  • the appearance of cracks on the skin of fingers and toes;
  • exfoliating the nail plate;
  • increased fragility of the nails, which then starts to crumble and collapse;
  • the unpleasant smell.

Especially rapid initial phase will be held in the case, if the person who prefer to wear tight and uncomfortable shoes, made of a thick synthetic material that is impervious to air and prevents ventilation. This contributes to excessive sweating and creating a warm and moist environment, favorable for the development of the fungus.

Most often, nail fungus affects the feet, although sometimes you can see this on your hands. For the first time, in the structure of the nail is formed from the more yellowish cavities, which look like spots and stains. Then the nail plate on the hands becomes thicker and darkens. Sick you'll notice that it becomes difficult to trim the nails with regular nail scissors, and process them using a nail file or special pliers.

Nail fungus treatment in the initial phase of the feet and hands

There is no need to try to treat nail fungus. Because there are several types of fungi, and not all medicines are equally effective, can be independently purchased at the pharmacy for the drug in this case will be useless. Therefore, it is necessary to know that at any stage of the disease without medical intervention experts cannot.


After having defined the initial stage of nail fungus on your feet or hands, you need to immediately start treatment. The optimal scheme of treatment and is necessary drugs will you select a dermatologist based on the results of the tests.

There are 2 ways to treat nail fungus:

  1. antifungal topical application;
  2. medicinal products for oral use.

Contemporary, topical antifungal medications, which well help in the treatment of diseases, which are used for the external treatment of the affected nails.

Nail fungus treatment in the initial phase of the folk ways

For best effect, in addition to the main course of treatment prescribed by the name of the doctor, you can use folk remedies.

Also proven, to clean the nail plate with iodine. Should be 2-times a day, apply iodine to the nail and the skin around it, to allow, to kill the active spores of the fungus and the disinfection of the affected area. Since iodine is drying the nails after a week of course need to take a break for a few days.

Garlic has powerful disinfectant properties and quickly destroys microorganisms, so they are often used for the treatment of onychomycosis. You will need to take a clove of garlic, peel and grate. Consequently, the slurry should be applied on the affected area and apply a bandage. Leave the mixture overnight and in the morning remove. If you want to perform the procedure until her condition improved.

Juice chistotela will also help to remove the fungus from the nails. You will need to take stalk of the plants and breaks. In place of the strips produces a dense yellowish milky juice. A fresh juice is smeared on the affected areas of the nail. However, before applying this method, you must test yourself for allergies, to avoid negative consequences.

The onion will help to deal with fungus, such as yeast. It is necessary to peel the onion from the husk, RUB it on the grate and, consequently, the mass mixed with a spoon of honey. Enough to hold this mixture on the nail plate, just a few hours per day and after a few days, to dramatically improve.

To reduce the status of the nail in the disease will help you bath with the addition of soda. For solution preparation it is necessary to take 1 tbsp. tablespoon of soda in 2.5 l of water and add liquid soap. The bath is necessary every day for 15 minutes.

Folk remedies for the treatment of nail fungus are effective enough, but it is better to combine with the medication prescribed by your doctor. This combination therapy will allow to cope with the infection in a short time, to restore nails to a healthy appearance and restore their structure.

Treatment of onychomycosis is considered to be complete also in the case when struck by mikoz nail plate is completely replaced with a healthy. This is a time consuming process, but the therapy must be carried out to the end, does not end. To confirm the absence of fungal microflora are laboratory tests that would be twice in two weeks after the end of treatment and after one month.

Only in the case when the results of both the time to be negative, we can assume that there was a complete recovery. However, in this case it is not possible to get to sleep if you want to prevent possible recurrence of the disease and to exclude re-infection, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules of hygiene and the use of antifungal substances (varnishes, creams, ointments) as a preventive measure.

When traditional remedies do not help in treating the fungus at the initial stage, you can use the product on a natural basis.


The main methods for the prevention of nail fungus on hands are:

  • personal hygiene. Hands should be thoroughly washed after the routes for public transport, shopping, etc ..
  • the use of trays for hands – it will improve the local immunity;
  • drawing on the skin prevention cream an antifungal effect;
  • if you want to perform a nail not more than 1 hour in 6 months;
  • use only for the personal accessories for a manicure.
problems with the fungus

In order to prevent the occurrence of nail fungus, you need to follow the following steps:

  • wear only dry shoes;
  • use socks made from natural materials, which provide good air and heat;
  • in public areas – swimming pool, sauna, SPA, etc, use only for its shoes;
  • do not use other people's sets for a pedicure.

It is not necessary to paint the affected nail colors nail Polish, as this is the more they will damage and slow recovery.

Effectively and properly chosen treatment regime, that is not all. Thoroughly disinfecting all surfaces with which contact sick – bed linen, clothing, footwear, flooring, etc .. Man, that was sick, onychomycosis, will be more susceptible to this disease.

Because the nail fungus in the initial stage is very contagious, you need to carefully take into account all the rules of personal hygiene. This will help to prevent the transmission of and protection against the intrusion of other people. Attention should be paid to hygiene in the case when the family has small children and elderly relatives.

Compliance with all medical regulations, which allows you to quickly and effective remedy for the initial stage of nail fungus and to prevent the transition in liquid phase.