Folk remedy for foot fungus on my feet quickly

A fungal infection (mycosis) is a disease of the skin, which is caused by parasitic fungi. Fungal rashes are quite common. General the way they do, especially in adults, is a foot fungus and nails. This disease is transmitted from one person to another. Very simply – the skin affected by mycosis, constantly go flakes, which contain a lot of pathogens.

In humid conditions the bacteria are a large breed . Therefore, the most common places of infection are swimming pools, baths and showers. The development of mycosis include increased sweating of the feet and wet shoes. If the family is sick, there is a high probability of infection, the healthy family members. Therefore, you can't use other people's towels, shoes, combs, clothes, scissors for cutting nails, etc.

Bacteria tolerate a dry environment and low temperature – under these conditions, they do not die, but merely stop their growth and development. In the scales of the skin disease occur, they are profitable for a very long time. These scales can be clothes, shoes, carpets. Get then the skin of a healthy person, the disease organisms again begin to grow and multiply, causing disease.

The fungus spread rapidly in weakly alkaline and neutral medium (6-6,5 PH) a Healthy skin is slightly acidic PH 5.5. It protects us from many skin diseases. But sweating, unpleasant synthetic shoes to break this protection. Therefore, when you treat fungus folk remedies are often used in vinegar.

treatment of fungal

Disinfection of clothing and shoes.

To kill the infection in the clothes and linen of the patient, it is recommended to boil the micro-organisms are killed by boiling for 3-4 minutes. The treatment of footwear, using a 1% solution of formalin for disinfection of household goods – a solution of chlorine bleach. It has to be done, because when the disease is fully cured, it is possible to become infected again in the same shoes and clothes. In this case, unsuccessfully in the treatment of foot fungus and skin for several decades. Deal with inside the shoe swabs dipped in 70% acetic acid, the slippers go inside and put shoes on for 48 hours in closed packaging. Then in a well-ventilated shoes.

Foot fungus is treated with special care, to improve, because a single invisible source of the infection can occur re-infection. He failed, and eventually he can move to the groin, armpits, etc. in addition, it can cause increased allergies

Foot fungus Symptoms foot fungus.

Symptoms usually appear first on the skin of the foot, between the toes. It can be itching, burning, and peeling. Still, the disease progresses to the nail plate begins its destruction. If the cause — contamination in the salon, the order can change, the disease begins on the nail plates

Symptoms of foot fungus can be the following:

  • One or more cracks between the toes;
  • Peeling of the skin;
  • Itching, burning;
  • Thickening of the skin, the appearance of scales;
  • Redness of the skin;
  • Blister with clear liquid.

These symptoms may be present simultaneously or there may be only one symptom

Parasitic fungi are foreign organisms, and often cause a response from the immune system – an allergic reaction. In this case, the mycosis occurs more acutely, accompanied by the following symptoms: multiple vesicles on the skin, erosions and ulcers, the skin of the feet.

Causes of mycosis:

  • Immunosuppression, immunodeficiency states;
  • The disease, which impairs blood circulation in the legs;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Injuries of the foot;
  • Bad tight shoes, prolonged exposure to the skin moist warm environment (increased sweat, when sweat is allowed to evaporate, wet shoes, etc.).

How to treat foot fungus is the fungus.

The most effective folk remedy for foot fungus, vinegar and celandine. They are divided into different sections:

  • Vinegar mushroom
  • Treatment chistotel.

Equally effective in the treatment of fungal infections, birch tar, onion, garlic. Treatment, of the feet and the skin between the toes of boric acid also gives a very rapid effect.

If the disease is severe, ulcers, before the drug is necessary to make a foot bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, during the procedure to try to separate the skin as much as possible to scale. If the skin on your feet affects mycosis, thickened, are preferably removed before treatment in all scales. It is easy to do using salicylic acid in petrolatum, applied 2 times a day, to make the process go faster you can make a compress with this tool. When the scale is removed, home remedies for foot fungus works directly on the affected area of the skin.

How to treat foot fungus tar at home.

Warm up the legs in soapy water to remove the excess skin with a pumice stone, a good wipe and lubricate the birch tar to the skin between the toes, nails, cracks. Half an hour later the tar is dry, but his feet do not wash. Walk this road for two days. Then repeat the procedure. Enough to make it 3-4 fungal infection is completely gone. But don't forget to disinfect the footwear.

Treatment infusion of marigold flowers.

1 Cup of calendula flowers pour 1 Cup boiling water, insist 30 minutes and strain afterwards. This infusion lubricate the legs, the sick, overnight, without wiping, leave it to dry. Calendula is antibacterial and antifungal activity.

Get rid of the disease helps the burdock leaves.

Take a leaf of burdock, beat down the side of a mallet or rolled with a rolling pin, that made the juice. Wrap the leg with burdock leaf, fix bandage and put on socks. Change the packing 2 times a day. The course is 3 weeks. This folk remedy treatment can be applied only at night, then the duration increases by 2 times.

The leaves of mountain ash.

Mash the fresh leaves of mountain ash, applied to the affected by the fungus in the skin area and fixed with a bandage, and even better – a burdock leaf, and then bandage. It is advisable to keep the bandage around the clock, changing 1 time per day.

salicylic ointment for the treatment of athlete's foot folk remedies.

Quickly soften and remove the skin, you can use the 35% salicylic ointment from the pharmacy. Spread her legs in the morning and both feet wear a plastic bag, then socks, use it all until the evening. In the evening, repeat the procedure. And so to do during the week.

Three days after treatment, the skin becomes brighter and peel, young skin underneath should be healthy and fresh, without symptoms of the disease.

Garlic is an effective folk remedy.

Mix the dough with the garlic and butter in a ratio of 1:1. The resulting mixture to make a compress on the night. Of course a full recovery.

Mix 1 tablespoon garlic juice and 90% alcohol, add 2 tablespoons of water. Lubricate sore spots the night every night. Get rid of mold in 2-3 weeks.

Cut the garlic in half, dip in fine salt and RUB the affected mycosis place. You can prepare the dough the garlic and salt to rub on his skin to make compresses.

How to cure fungus on the feet the bow at home.

Recipe No. 1:

RUB the sore place on the foot with the juice of onions, make a compress of garlic, changing the compress as often as possible. You can replace onion, garlic. This home remedy is rapid to cure fungus on his feet. If the skin is inflamed, and the onion skin, you can mix it 1:1 with vaseline. The course is 10-15 procedures.

Recipe No. 2:

Get rid of the mycosis to help and the next onion recipe: two plastic bags to put 300 g onion mass. Feet put on the packages so that the skin is not in contact with the bow. The package tie around the ankles. "The steam-air chamber". Course – 5 sessions.

Review of treatment of foot fungus and onions.

The men appeared cracked heels and skin growths the size of a foot. After the testing, was diagnosed with mycosis of the feet. Prescribed ointment, but its use did not improve, on the contrary, the cracks become deeper, and it hurts to walk. He shared his grief with a neighbor, he gave him the recipe folk remedies onions and tar. 2 large onion RUB on a small grater, add 3-4 tsp. birch tar (available in pharmacies), mix well. Set this mixture to the affected area for 2-3 hours, wrapped the leg in plastic. The same mixture can be used 2 times, then cook the new. The man took almost a month to get rid of foot fungus.

Foot fungus treatment vinegar

How to use vinegar for fungus on the feet and the nails.

Well washed the feet soak in the water vinegar, preferably wine or Apple. Concentration make your own – the stronger the treatment is faster, but if there are ulcers and erosion of the skin, strong solutions may be corrosive to the affected area. Make the solution so that it was possible to endure. Sleep clean socks soaked in vinegar — the acidic environment is harmful to the fungus.

A mixture of vinegar and carrot juice.

Mix 1 tbsp. spoon the carrot juice and vinegar, lubricate the skin with a cotton swab moistened with this composition. Carrot juice promotes faster recovery and healthier skin.

Treatment of foot fungus at home cream the eggs and vinegar.

Egg wash, dry, put in a glass and pour 100 g of vinegar. Insist in a dark place for 5-7 days to dissolve the shell, stays in the movie cast. Add 100 g soft butter and whisk. Is the emulsion in the form of mayonnaise. Every night to warm up the foot and apply the cream to the affected area of the skin as a compress by wrapping it on plastic. Of course a full recovery

More quick recipe cream of vinegar. Mix 1 tbsp. acetic acid, 1 tablespoon oil and 1 raw egg. Mix until a homogeneous mass. Lubrication of this cream between your toes and wherever you have the symptoms of mycosis.

A mixture of vinegar and glycerin.

If affected a large part of the foot, the treatment of a well by this method. Mix 100 g of acetic acid (70%), 40 g of the baby powder, 50 g of glycerol 700 g of boiling (preferably distilled) water. Mix all and leave for three days, shake before use. RUB this composition washed the leg twice a day: in the palm to pour 1 tablespoon of the mixture, RUB and massage the skin until absorbed, so RUB in three tablespoons of each alone and in between the toes. The course of treatment – 11 days. Then 11 more days RUB the same part of 1 times a day. The disease goes after the first week of treatment. But 22 days is necessary to finish. Then once a week, RUB this compound on the forefoot for prevention (2007, No. 19, p.32).

Fungus treatment chistotel at home.

Baths and compresses of a decoction of herbs chistotel.

After the adoption of the bath and remove the scales can make a foot bath with a decoction of herbs chistotel: 4 tablespoons herbs, pour 1.5 liters of hot water and boil for 3 min. Soar feet in the decoction for 30 min. At night, make a compress with this broth, adding a little vinegar. Treatment chistotel15-20 days in a row. Celandine can be replaced by sagebrush.

Oil treatment chistotel.

Feet warm even in the soda solution, and then lubricate the fingers with oil chistotel (make yourself or buy in the pharmacy). Diseased areas of the skin twice a day pack for 30 minutes with oil chistotel. Treatment oil chistotel 3-4 weeks.

Infusion chistotel on top of the vinegar.

The man brought the army of the fungus on the feet and nails, and lived with him for 40 years. The next thought Bolotov, was to add acid to the body, to drink kvass chistotel prescription Bolotov. The disease subsided. It takes 9% of th vinegar celandine and held her legs. Once a man read the book that the monks used in the treatment of foot fungus to a concentrated salt solution. Begin to add salt. Chistotel pack filled with 1 liter of 9% vinegar, to insist 1 month, add 3-5 tablespoons of salt. All this was poured into a container the size of the foot that the lid is tightly closed. Because infusion is used many times. In the evening wash his feet, put foot in this capacity, keep for 5 minutes, dried in air and went to sleep. Leather came in perfect condition, the nails also become purified and the computer.

How to get rid of foot fungus ammonia at home.

A glass of water, add 1 tablespoon of ammonia. Moisten a piece of cloth in this solution and wrap the legs, on top of a plastic bag, from top to toe. Do before going to bed. This home remedy will help at the same time chronic blisters. Of course of 5-10 treatments

Potato sprouts will help to get rid of the disease.

The recipe is as follows: grind the sprouts of potatoes and half a Cup pour alcohol, insist and make the night compresses of gruel this is a skin. (2009 No. 20, p. 9)